It’s Time For Some Luxury Home Decor Shopping


It’s Time For Some Luxury Home Decor Shopping

Luxury Home Decor

Who doesn’t like to decorate their homes in a classy and elegant way? But with so many options in the market, is there a trustworthy place to shop for some luxury home decor items? Auri Collective – a luxury home decor label started by Avisha and Neha is the one-stop-shop for everything – from home décor collectives to channel your inner Carrington.

This place has every luxury home decor items from vases, candle stands, trays, and jars curated across the world for a seamless shopping experience. They offer bold and colourful pieces that can create a statement. The luxury home decor from Auri resembles Mexican households from the Netflix show Dynasty. You can purchase these statement pieces like embellished bloom jars and the red cardinal treasure jar with prints of horses and other such classy and elegant styles, starting at INR 8,500.

They have a wide range of decorative boxes made out of lacquer and ceramic, which can be great accents for your home. They also make for great gifts. Their wildlife inhibitions steel cup set with sculpted animal heads and candle stands made out of crystals, metal, and ceramics can lend a classy look to your living room. Check out their metal handles, animal sculptures and paperweights made out of iron, sapphire, and other stones that make for great gifts. Gift packaging for the items is complementary and they come in a solid blue box. Log onto their website and order online.

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