House Of Tribe: An Experience Of Wilderness With Exquisite Products


House Of Tribe An Experience Of Wilderness With Exquisite Products (1)-min

On the weekend of 17th and 18th of June, Fuse Networx was the talk of the town as they put forth ‘House of Tribe‘. True to its name, the event was full of life, vibrance and exciting activities. We grooved to the rhythm of beautiful music and our anticipation increased as we watched the dancers perform. We also treated ourselves with the delicious bites and scrumptious food which were served at the food stalls. This tribal themed event was a perfect opportunity to go wild! 

  • Pulsating Music

The highlight of the ‘House of Tribe’, among many, was the artist lineup. The event was curated to match the tribal theme and the artists performed mesmerizing music that put us in a trance. The enthralling performances had us swaying to their energizing rhythms, whether they are traditional tribal drumming or a modern version of indigenous music. The infectious beats of Shanka Tribe were strong enough to have our bodies moving and our souls dancing. Lichen Glitch played electrifying beats while Cross Roads played melodious music to which we sang our hearts out. Praveen Alva and Vasu Dixit Collective provided us with a mystical music experience which felt like a dream. Moreover, Sankofa and DJ Medusa were also setting the vibe.

House Of Tribe An Experience Of Wilderness With Exquisite Products (1)-min

  • Dance of Elegance

It isn’t Easter but there were so many easter eggs hidden in the form of performances at ‘House of Tribe’. Belly dancers were spotted gracefully dancing. As the sun dawned, light shows and fire performances lit up the place and we savored these visuals.

House Of Tribe An Experience Of Wilderness With Exquisite Products (1)-min

  • Fun activities

At this ‘House of Tribe’ organizers planned a plethora of amusing pursuits to keep us on our toes. Pottery was a great way to get into the tribal spirit. We had a great time using the wheel and producing some souvenir pots. We felt even more immersed in the atmosphere with our visit to tiny face painting booths. 

  • Flea Markets 

We explored the rich and diverse flea markets with handmade crafts and interesting artistic creations. Clothing with a bohemian aesthetic in colorful different styles were available. Stunning, one-of-a-kind jewelry that was lovingly handcrafted. A variety of vibrant linens and materials could be found at the flea market. One of the most mind-blowing things we learned was how intricately tribal art is made.


  • Culinary Delights

Foods from all over the world were present at this occasion. Whatever your heart desires: Indian, Mexican, Arabian, Chinese, Nagaland, Italian, Mediterranean, Lebanese, Desi! You name it. They also served yummy authentic indigenous cuisine too!

House Of Tribe An Experience Of Wilderness With Exquisite Products (1)-min

‘House of Tribe’ was a melting pot of cultures where we got a close glimpse of tribal culture. Be it the music, food or the clothing, ‘House of Tribe’  showcased us the ways to enjoy amidst nature.

Author: Srishti SreeKrishna

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