House Of Tribe – An Event Filled With Renowned Brands


House Of Tribe - An Event Filled With Renowned Brands

House of Tribe was a completely enchanting experience we had on the weekend of 17th and 18th June! The event was filled with delectable food, amazing flea markets and music that had us enthralled. To walk around a place that’s curated for a richly diverse activities in Bengaluru was exhilarating.

The event included a variety of important brands, among which were these sponsors:


The event was curated by an innovative entertainment company called the Fuse Networx. In the area of virtual events, exhibitions, and live entertainment Fuse Networx has made a name for themselves as a pioneer in this field. Their new and innovative approach to curating events make them the trend setters. The founders of the company are: Swamy G who has Television background and has worked as creative director for many comedy shows, games shows and Karthikeyan Narayanaswami who has also founded the Rongo Holiday in 2016.



The event was live streamed with their exclusive live partner, Roposo. Roposo is a platform that lets digital media creators express themselves visually. The company allowed their digital audience to immerse themselves in the vibrant spirit of the tribe directly. 

House Of Tribe - An Event Filled With Renowned Brands


The home-grown brand of specially crafted gin made for the Indian palette was also one of the sponsors. The brand experiments with the flavors of gins and aims to provide a wide range of flavors to its consumers. GiG is available in its flagship flavor, Great Indian Nagpur Orange Gin and Great Indian Shimla Green Apple Gin. Gurupreet Singh, the owner of the brand and co-founder of GiG, says, “On the nose, there’s a burst of the dominant flavor and aroma, followed by the notes of juniper. Our spirits offer a smooth and pleasant finish,” and he was speaking the truth indeed. 

House Of Tribe - An Event Filled With Renowned Brands


The Seven Rivers Brew is a handcrafted beer especially made for the people of India. The name honors the territory in which we reside. The fact that it regularly introduces new flavors and types that click with the Indian palate is what sets it apart.


Sula wines is India’s leading wine company, driving the love for Indian wine over the world. Rajeev Samant established Sula Vineyards in 1999 and is one of the most sustainable wine businesses in the world. The name “Sula” comes from his mother’s name – “Sulabha” – and symbolized the rich, Indian heritage of his wines. This is a wine that takes pride in being Indian, and is the first company in the country to use an Indian logo.


Every traveler’s road trip fantasy comes true with trippy wheels. Their vision is to make everybody experience the authentic version of caravanning. Put an end to your tethered existence online and blindly follow the road your caravan takes you. They provide custom-made, affordable caravans that make you feel at home, but on wheels. To make memories of a lifetime with these caravans is a dream that you can now live! 

House Of Tribe - An Event Filled With Renowned Brands


As House of Tribe’s recycling partner, Scraplan, a waste management company took the responsibility to make it the most eco-friendly event. Scraplan is a platform where we get to sell scrap and they recycle it. They provide doorstep scrap collection at your convenience. Waste like paper, plastic, metals and E-waste can be bartered for a better Earth. They also raise awareness and educate people on how us, as individuals, could take measures towards a greener earth. At House of Tribe, there were only paper cups and plates that were consciously used to prioritize the usage of plastic-free alternatives.

House Of Tribe - An Event Filled With Renowned Brands

‘House of Tribe’ was tailored specifically to Indian tastes. The wide range of sponsors reflected in the diversity of the event. The highlight of the ‘House of Tribe’, among many, was also the artist lineup. The event was curated to match the tribal theme and the artists performed mesmerizing music that put us in a trance. Be it Shanka Tribe, Cross Roads, Praveen Alva, Vasu Dixit and more, the vibe was set well for an overall enjoyment.

House Of Tribe - An Event Filled With Renowned Brands

Author: Srishti Sreekrishna

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