Flights Take to the Skies


India started issuing tickets for domestic flights from May 25th, which brought a relief to a lot of people but also did concern some folks regarding safety protocols being maintained due to the coronavirus. However, the officials made it mandatory to follow certain standard operating protocols by the passengers as well as staff working at the airports as well. According to reports, it is now mandatory for everyone to wear masks and gloves at all times and passengers would be boarding the planes in batches only.

The ministry had set certain minimum and maximum fare rates for the flight tickets which have to be followed by the companies offering services for flying. The lowest range of the tickets of 40 minutes and the highest to 210 minutes. The price range for shorter journey has been set to ₹2100- ₹6000 and longer journeys ₹6,500 – ₹18,600. The Civil Aviation Ministry also said that the passengers are supposed to report to the airport 2 hours before reporting time and it is compulsory to web check in online. Now the whole process would be contact-less, right from the check in to online baggage tickets.

Flights Take to the Skies

Hence here are some rules to be followed:


  • Masks are compulsory at all times.
  • Everyone aging 14 years and above have to get checked at for the temperature as well as get status checked through the Arogya Setu Application or self-declaration form stating that they are free from any high temperature and symptoms of the virus.


  • The passengers will be guided to follow through the pre-embarkation security screening.
  • The staff at security will practice ‘the minimum touch” concept to avoid contact with the passengers.
  • Social distancing to be maintained at all times and santisation protocols would also take place. To maintain distance chair would be marked ‘not for use’ should not be occupied.
  • Safety kit would be provided to the passengers which would include a surgical mask and face shield and sanitiser at the boarding gate.


  • Passengers are advised to have minimal contact with other individuals and avoid using minimising using the toilets.
  • Only one person is advised to accompany children and elderly.
  • No meals, newspaper and services would be provided.
  • Only water would be provided and passengers are not allowed to have their own eatables.


  • The temperature of the passengers would be checked on arrival again
  • Sanitisation and distancing to be maintained at arrival.
  • Health protocols that are being prescribed by the destination States/ UTs have to be followed by arriving passengers.

The international flights would mostly commence from middle of June which was being announced by Civil Aviation Minister Hardeep Singh Puri.

On the whole the airports are supposed to ensure that all the rules and regulations are being followed to maintain the safety of all and regular announcements for same would be announced at all times.

  • By Preeti Karia.

Flights Take to the Skies

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