Elan, One Of A Kind Pop Up For Your Lifestyle Needs 


Planters for desk, A profound look into the work of artists, meet and greet with local artisans, embracing the bohemian culture- Elan, One Of A Kind Pop Up For Your Lifestyle Needs 

Bringing some of the best and exquisite brands to one place, Elan showcased us the beauty which we have been missing. The one of a kind pop up was hosted by Bia Sandhu and Prathna Vohra, who are known for their great industry connects. The founder of Parfait Image Consulting- Bia, and PR and Brand Consultant- Prarthna utilised their industry expertise to give Bangaloreans a meet and greet space which was filled with vibrant energy, handicraft goods, aesthetics jewellery and many more elements to win the hearts of art aficionados. 

Held at Karighars, a beautiful space, visitors were greeted by a lively atmosphere, filled with the sounds of music and chatter. Surrounded by colourful storefronts and stalls, Elan was a perfect way to encapsulate the lively culture of Bangalore.

During the Elan Pop Up various brands were witnessed wherein each one offering a unique piece:

Either Or:

Inspired by the age-old henna art, Either Or is a brand that makes you miss all those days where painting your hand with henna was an integral part of our lifestyle. The brand has picked elements of it and transformed it into everlasting candle holders. Moreover, Either Or also has a few pieces inspired by African art along with their recent venture into ceramic art.


If you are looking for exquisite cushions, bed covers and throws then Akibo is for you! Apart from providing you utter comfort, the brand focuses on incorporating sustainable and clean fabrics. Akibo has also introduced bamboo fabric and is trying to win back the textures and weaves, with muted tones. 


Decorate yourself with jewellery that gives a high-end chic vibe. Founded by Rajni and Megha the brand Montresor uses 92.5 hallmark sterling silver along with swarovski and semi precious stones. Each of the pieces are versatile and present beautiful ideas that suit any occasion. 


Love Bohemian style? Then Bohe is for you. The brainchild of Neetu AM, Bohe brings in the easy breezy vibe in your everyday wardrobe. The founder believes that “Sky is the only limit” for designers and follows the same to curate attires that suit every taste.

Saara Designs:

Saara means everything in hindi. At Saara’s you get architectural and interior solutions along with metal crafting. Amongst their other offerings, the brand has also launched a range of desk planters and garden planters. Moreover, the brand has also experimented to utilise the natural resources to decorate the home. Their Suncatchers use the sunlight to create colourful patterns on the walls. Saara Designs was founded by Sanidhi. 


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The pop up ‘Elan’ was a two day affair which was held on 28th and 29th of April, 2023. It was an exclusive event showcasing the creativity of the city and bringing the attention to many home grown brands.  It was a perfect space to find your style and pursue it by picking the offerings from different labels.

Authors: Himani Bokaria and Arshiya Gauhar

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