Echoes of Earth 


Echoes of EarthEchoes of Earth, India’s Greenest music festival. Celebrate International Music Day with Echoes of Earth. Nestled among lush greenery, the festival presents a stellar line up with 40 International and Indian Musicians performing to celebrate Earth. This festival celebrates Music, Art and culture, while upholding the leave no trace policy for the preservation of Earth. All the infrastructure is constructed using environmentally conscious practices of using old, discarded, recycled and up-cycled media in the most unique and creative ways.Echoes of Earth

Echoes of Earth is the brainchild of Swordfish Events and Entertainment Pvt Ltd and Watsons. The marketing space headquartered in Bangalore, India with a Global Footprint. A love for Music, appreciation for India’s Music Heritage, brings the concern for environmental sustainability of the festival. Echoes of Earth have always focused on the importance of culture, as the art around us has arisen from it. With music and art taking new forms every day, they aim to keep the culture alive by dedicating elements of the festival to ancient art forms. Over the years they have celebrated culture through performances, themed stages, museums, workshops and much more.Echoes of Earth

They have many artists performing every time like Susheela Raman, Beardyman, Younger, Talvin Singh, Aqua Dominatrix, Zoya and many more. The genres includes an eclectic celebration of music, art, and culture married with sustainability. The ecologically crafted music festival presented an ideal platform for music lovers who care about the preservation and sustainability of the earth. It is also a space for expression and a platform for artists to showcase their art. Their uniquely designed stages and art installations put together by the artists using recycled and upcycled media collected from junk yards. These installations bring the festival grounds to life, and play an important role in the understanding and learning of sustainable art.Echoes of Earth

They believe in sustainable practices, hence 80% of the festival production including the stages and art installations are made from up-cycled and recycled junk media. The waste management team ensures that the waste is responsibly segregated. Through workshops and activities, they aim to further educate people on how to live their greenest. Echoes of Earth is a strict n flex or no plastic zone.Echoes of Earth

Echoes of Earth, a perfect way to celebrate Music and Art. This International Music Day, relive this healing music and spread joy.

Image Credits – Team TheStyle.World and Echoes o f Earth 

Echoes of Earth

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