Discover An Enchanted Experience: Introducing Saj In The Forest, The Epitome Of Luxury In Nature’s Embrace in the Pench National Park


Discover An Enchanted Experience Introducing Saj In The Forest The Epitome Of Luxury In Nature’s Embrace in the Pench National Park (1)

Visiting national parks has an invigorating charm for many travelers. Known for curating immersive experiences, Saj in the forest is set to launch, a 19-room luxurious boutique resort, amidst the woods of Pench National Park in Madhya Pradesh this May. They embraced natural beauty and leveraged on it by bringing together the concept of nature with luxury.

Talking of the launch, Karna Timbadia Director, Saj Hotels Pvt. Ltd. said, “We are committed to curating indigenous experiences for our guests and it is a moment of immense pride to see Saj in the Forest finally come to life. Our experiences are thoughtfully curated and hospitality heartfelt. We bring luxury and holistic experiences under one roof amidst a natural, bio-diverse environment”. 

Away from the clamors of urban life, Saj in the Forest is an escape for its guests and embodies the elements of nature along with luxury and wellness within the resort. There are three categories of rooms, inspired by and named after three of the landmark tree species that are Mahua, Palash, and Sal that thrive in the forests of Pench.  The walls of the resort have the depiction of Gond Art, a popular art form of Madhya Pradesh. The backgrounds are visually appealing and promote local photography. The aesthetic of the resort is designed to weave in the indigenous feel of the destination and take you on a journey of calm and serenity.

Created to speak the culinary language of the land, The Menu at the multi-cuisine restaurant – Maati Baani places a special emphasis on Indian ingredients and cuisines, while also serving up a delightful array of international options.

Discover An Enchanted Experience Introducing Saj In The Forest The Epitome Of Luxury In Nature’s Embrace in the Pench National Park (2)

Guests can indulge in a variety of activities specially curated to create a harmonious blend of excitement and serenity, catering to both nature enthusiasts and leisure seekers. The Jungle Safari experience has been thoughtfully curated with the company of experts to ensure it is a memorable experience for the guests.

The Backwater Safari, set in a secret location of the most incredible vistas, is perhaps the most unique experience. Scintillating sunrise filters the guest’s room as they welcome the day and glorious sunsets offer pleasant views outside the luxurious rooms surrounded by age-old trees.

There is a designated playing area for children, outdoor and indoor sports activities to keep them engaged. On their trail towards the forest, the guests are educated about different stones and their history along with a broad guide on how to create different setups that are inspired by nature.

The resort is a tribute to wildlife photography that captures the flora and fauna of the National Park within the lens of the camera. There is a beautiful exhibit of wildlife and nature photographs. The photographs on display can be bought and help promote local art. These pictures are enticing enough and enable travelers to visit and explore the spaces.

Activities list:

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Jungle Safari

The Pench Jungle that inspired Kipling to write The Jungle Book and its myriad bird and animal species bring people here to see them. We help book day and night safaris at 7 of the Park’s entry gates.


Backwater Safari

From the endless days and enchanting evenings that we’ve spent exploring the paths of Pench, we’ve been able to curate and present some truly exclusive experiences for you to discover. Our Backwater Safari, set in a secret location of the most incredible vistas, is perhaps the most unique experience of those. Equally enchanting during the morning or evening, this is an unmissable experience that you will not be able to get enough of. Conducted for 3 hours over the backwaters of a dam, this will stay with you a lot more than any Jeep safari you’ve ever done.


Pottery Village Visit

Pachdhar, a village of around a hundred families of Kumhaars, as the potters are called in the local language, is close to the resort. Here, we’ve organized a special session for you to try your hand at pottery either on the wheel or molding by hand.


An evening at Kohaka Lake

Kohka is the name of a village close to the resort and it also gives its name to the lake that’s been created close to it where you can do something unique – enjoy a drive atop the embankment of the dam itself before ending at a home where to see how the locals live.


Dinner under the stars

The stars never shine brighter than in the dark solitude of the jungle. This is why we offer a range of options for you to enjoy your dinner under starlight. We offer a choice between Barbeque or Candlelight dinners at various points on the property.


Night Photography

Specially curated for our adventurous guests, this is an experience you should not miss out on. For 3 hours post-dinner, we wander the outskirts of the jungle and help you track and sight rare-to-spot species like the Indian Wolf and Jungle Cat, among others.


Celebrate with the gonds

The Gond tribe are the original inhabitants of this land and they still honor and celebrate their traditions and festivals with pride and delight. We arrange for the performers from their community to come to the resort and share how they celebrate with songs, dhol, and Tasha.



Nothing says being in the wild like a bonfire at night. If you’d like to enjoy one, we’ll organize it for you in the courtyard outside your room.


Up in the air

Private operators offer motor paragliding and air balloon rides which, if you book for yourselves, we will be happy to drop you off and pick you up.

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