Dating Trends 2024: Insight From Bumble


Dating Trends 2024 Insight From Bumble (5)

A fresh year calls for fresh love! And before we get onto that it’s time to look into the dating trends for 2024. What will the dating scene and romantic landscape look like in 2024?

Despite the many ups and downs of dating and relationship in 2023, many people are eager to continue to search for love in the 2024.

Recently, Bumble unveiled its Global Dating Trends for 2024. Samarpita Samaddar, the Director of Communications at Bumble India, predicts that 2024 would be a year of self-discovery for Indian singles. She said, “It’s encouraging to see daters in Bangalore are throwing away the rulebook and taking charge of their dating journeys. We know that cultural conversations around misogyny, women’s rights, and social issues, that are intertwined with our dating lives, left many exhausted this year. This has impacted the way people want to date – people are feeling more empowered in their sense of self and seeking out people who value what’s important to them, whether it’s social causes, lifestyle choices or even their favourite sports.

 It’s exciting to see people are now increasingly looking inward, and want to show up as authentic versions of themselves. We predict that 2024 will bring in a year of the self, with single Indians feeling more empowered than ever to prioritise what they value and what they will not stand for, leading to a new clarity about what they want in their romantic lives.”


According to the sources singles take the time to consider what qualities—like shared interests or a comparable worldview—they really desire in a potential mate. Women are taking on greater and greater accountability for their wants and needs in intimate relationships.

  • Cross-gen Romance

Singles are more willing to date younger or older people. Woman says over the past year; they claim to have lost their judgment on age-gap partnerships.

  • Val-Core Dating

Another interesting trend is Val-Core Dating. A rising number of singles are searching for someone who share their beliefs and are enthusiastic about social concerns. It’s a key factor in attractiveness. having strong values and being open about sharing them and also having an opinion as well’.

  • Betterment Burnout

Although we all know that nobody is flawless, women are now beginning to accept this fact! Being a better version of yourself all the time can be draining. Singles are more happier with who they are RIGHT NOW. Also decided to limit their dating to those who won’t try to alter them.

  • Emotional Intimacy is a key

Nowadays, it seems that emotional intimacy is one essential component that determines attraction, especially for women. Emotional intimacy is more attractive than physical connection. Singles are looking for stability, protection, and understanding. Women stressing the importance of having a partner who is aware of both {physical and mental} sides.

Dating Trends 2024 Insight From Bumble


  • Open Hearted Masculinity

There are men out there who are falling for “alpha male” with the influence. Where they act differently, being more open and honest with the person they are dating than they were in the past. Also there are men who aren’t falling for it. A lack of vulnerability is now a dating deal breaker

  • Most Valuable Partner

Sports are now a non-negotiable it’s a ‘must-have,’ whether as a player or a spectator. A max of Indian singles proudly display a sports interest badge, with cricket, football and running reigning supreme. Also the Couples who do not routinely experience novelty together or take the time to learn new things about each other tend to drift away, but a morning stroll routine is an excellent way to stay connected.

  • Self-care Still matters

Singles are becoming more candid about their mental health and attempting to slow down. Especially among women slow dating and being mindful of how much they date to ensure quality over quantity. Singles are actively seeking for those who appreciate both their time and their self-care.

Dating Trends 2024 Insight From Bumble


  • Time line Decline

The pandemic made us to reconsider how we conduct things, including our relationships. Some folks came out, while others discovered they don’t want to be monogamous. In 2024, people may continue to reject “traditional” monogamous relationships and expectations.

Lets hop in to 2024 with the new dating trends.

By: Thushitha M

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