Cabin Crew Day


It is Cabin Crew Day on May 31, 2020. So what really is Cabin Crew Day?

Cabin crew are the people who are often considered as merely the staff serving the travellers in an airline, however only a few maybe aware of the fact that cabin crew play one of the most critical roles when it comes to the safety of passengers. Not only are they trained professionals to do so, but they learn the willingness to fight in order to ensure that the travellers are safe throughout the journey which they take thousands of feet above the ground. As glamorous as it may appear, the charismatic cabin crew have time and again shown great resilience and fortitude in the times of danger.

Alongside all the other airlines, IndiGo airlines staff also has shown immense courage, hard work, and dedication. Let us do our bit to pay an ode to these unsung heroes amidst this difficult pandemic situation.

Nikita Virani, Cabin Crew Attendant, IndiGo shares her story with

  1. What is the new normal with all the new norms being introduced?

The new normal for me would definitely be social distancing on top of my list as this is something which was never practised before, in addition to it would be wearing precautionary gears like gloves, masks, PPE and on some flights even covering myself up from head to toe.

  1. How tough is it to imbibe to the new rules and regulations?

It is not really tough to follow the new rules and regulations as the lockdown already got me into the habit of imbibing the new norms. Starting from running errands with masks and gloves to sanitising after touching any surface. Government made sure for all of us to get used to the new norms before the relaxation of lockdown.

  1. Are passengers being cooperative?

The passengers are more than cooperative as all of them are aware about the pandemic situation around the world. Like I said earlier the government took the right step at the right time for us to get used to certain precautionary measures, thus making it easy for us to practice the same once the lockdown is completely lifted.

  1. How are you overcoming these new challenges?

By taking preventive measures like sanitising frequently, making sure whatever comes in the house is also sanitised and more importantly maintaining social distance.

  1. How was the lockdown phase for you?

Initially it was fun as it felt like a stay at home vacation however it started getting very boring later on, as I missed flying, missed wearing my uniform and most importantly missed the aircraft. However, I made myself busy by taking a few online cooking classes, doing house chores and working out.

  1. What do you wish you could change during these times?

I would wish for this pandemic to have never come or go away soon. But on a serious note I’d wish for people to inculcate these practises on a regular basis, even when the pandemic is over.

  1. How supportive have all your colleagues been?

My colleagues along with the entire company have been very supportive, I’m so thankful to be in such a great organisation. Indigo made sure to keep checking on us frequently, moreover they also made sure we are updated with the latest knowledge by conducting various online training and tests. So we would be good to go as soon as the lockdown was lifted.

  1. What do you foresee will happen in the near future?

I see a change in lifestyle in terms of self-hygiene in people. For example, using face masks and gloves along of sanitisation on regular basis. In addition, I also see various security and preventive measures being implemented by places accessible to general public. For example, thermal scanning, increase in the use of digital payment methods and anything that reduces physical contact in public places.

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