Bengaluru’s Richards Town Recently Witnessed A Spot Fix And It’s Inspiring!



Bengaluru’s Richards Town Recently Witnessed A Spot Fix And It’s Inspiring!

Bengaluru’s Richards Town

Have you guys noticed the famous “black spot” opposite Clarence High School in Bengaluru’s Richards Town ever? Well, the black spot is cleaned up and became the brightest spot in that area.

The place was once used for disposing of waste and even acted as a favorite spot for the perverts to show their evil talents to make the children traumatized. It even used as a suicide spot according to the locals. But, all these became a closed chapter to the Bangalore city now. The resident association along with the pourakarmikas cleared this area and made a footpath and the railway also helped them with building a high wall to prevent the people from trying to dispose of the waste here.

The wall is painted beautifully with pastel shades of blue, pink, green and yellow by the Richard’s Town Resident’s Welfare Association with the help of some kind sponsors including India Foundation for the Arts, Asian Paints. The wall is painted with children’s art and the words “Richards Town”.

According to “The News Minute”, Aditya Fernandes, an artist, chose the paintings stated that “We took the children around the area and got them to sketch what they saw. They spent time at important architectural landmarks in our locality: the bandstand, the railway station, the church, the old age home, and the pine tree. I liked the simplicity of the younger children’s drawings, and chose them to go on the walls.”

Change only happens when you work for it. The incredible transformation of Richards Town is the perfect example for it. So, what you say? Do you guys know any other black spots in Bangalore? Are you ready to make a change? Let us know in the comment section.

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