Beauty Tips by Gouri Kapur


Gouri Kapur

Celebrity makeup artist Gouri Kapur, who also runs her academy called Gouri Kapur Makeup Academy in Bangalore shares some beauty tips you can follow from anywhere.

Gouri Kapur states…

In my point of view the only trend that will never go out of fashion is looking effortlessly natural.

Of course, we need to put enough effort to make it look that way – skin, fashion or makeup.

Dewy skin is the latest trend in makeup which is one of my favourites too, and good skin is the essential key towards this look.

So, let’s go back to our grandmothers and mothers time and get a few pointers we can incorporate today which are still the best.

Beauty Tips by Gouri KapurEspecially with the 21-day lockdown in, it’s amazing to indulge and prep your skin to look dewy and healthy.

  1. Drinking hot water, lemon, and honey consistently first thing in the morning every day keeps your skin glowing.
  2. Rubbing tomato or orange peel on your skin keeps it radiant and fresh.
  3. Curds with lemon is a fabulous remedy for dry skin with a vitamin boost.
  4. Fresh milk cream, lemon juice and coconut oil, mixed together and applied gives a protein boost to your skin.
  5. Ghee applied to your lips keeps your lips hydrated and smooth.

Once your skin is taken care of

Adding a liquid highlighter under the foundation or bb cream on the highlight areas and finish with a cream highlighter over it gives you a natural effortless glow.

Avoid powdering on highlight areas for a natural glow.

Beauty Tips by Gouri Kapur

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