AISPI X Shivan And Narresh at Bengaluru : Celebration of Fashion Fabulousness 


AISPI is the ultimate curator of style. They bring over 75 designers to India at every show. The Show in Bangalore, they represented a curation of 35 designers. Shivan and Narresh are Delhi based designers. They are the first brand who went ahead internationally into resort wear and swimwear. The designers get inspired by different places they visit during their vacations. The art and culture inspires them to come up with unique prints and how each of these have a story to narrate. 

In addition to the resort-ready designs developed by Shivan and Narresh, there was a magnificent curation exhibition featuring the work of 35 international designers bringing the best of worldwide fashion to India, completed with the fun and vibrant aesthetics of Shivan and Narresh. From the beautiful bags produced by Rasontica in Milan to the youthful designs of L’alingi London, their vibrant curation brought the finest of international fashion to Bengaluru. 

Dashingly stylish meets artistic elegance in AISPI x Shivan and Narresh. From sun-kissed hues to the exuberance of contemporary designs, you won’t want to miss this gathering of like-minded fashion innovators. AISPI began as a project. – A place where a crazed perfectionist conducts research and contacts fashion pioneers in order to provide the best value for money, high quality, and hard to find local stores in Europe. A simple fashion initiative with the goal of making an impression in the fashion business. After only a few months, they have influenced the lives of 150 stores and designers, 40 emerging artists, and over 2500 customers. By giving a venue for customers to express themselves through fashion and travel. 



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The electrifying energy of Bengaluru, created a vibe of excitement for the exhibition during this style fiesta on 14th – 15th September 2023 at Two Moons, 1MG Mall, MG Road. This collection brought together bold, smart, and contemporary fashion from worldwide creative geniuses in an eclectic, elegant line up of must-haves. AISPI x Shivan and Narresh – the celebration of fashion fabulousness has left us wanting for more!

Author: Samanvitha Rao J

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