Vineet’s latest single ‘So New’


Vineet's latest single 'So New'Vineet Singh Hukmani aka ‘Vineet’ is a global independent radio chart-topping artist, whose music extends from composing radio-friendly pop earworms to creating a cohesive ecosystem for Indian artists to achieve radio playouts internationally. His signature optimism in this new, groovy synth-pop single that recommends focusing on the ‘So New. While his high-performing March 2021 release Jab The World was thoughtful yet fun take on the world getting ready to get vaccinated, one could describe ‘So New’  as a great companion for that glass half full view,  full with perhaps, with hope, optimism or anything that keeps us going. The emotion is well-matched in the lyric video of So New that depicts everyone’s inner child getting ready to groove and dance.

The singer describes his new single So New as an optimistic gear shift we need, “Everyone’s got tough times over sometime, because of some reason or other. You should let that happen to move from being ‘SO SCREWED’ to ‘SO NEW.” According to the lyrics of the song, all it takes are simple things to bounce back, like a cup of coffee, a sinful bite of chocolate, a yummy ice cream or a simple fresh breath of realization. Thumping synth bass sprinkled with synth tones and feel good lyrics are bound to help you to bring that mood up! The lyric video depicts everyone’s inner child ready to move to the ‘So New’ feeling.

Vineet, NCR-based global radio chart-topping artist Vineet’s new single is the first one to break into the mainstream top 100 let alone be in the top 20 songs most played on rock radio in the USA. His first release of 2021 Dreamin’ Out Loud hit the number 1 spot (earlier this year) on the European Top 100 & World Radio Charts: Independent Top 20, earning Vineet the distinction of being one of the first Indian artists to hit the number 1 spot in 2021 and one of the few Indian English language artists to reach this coveted spot.

Vineet’s latest single ‘So New’

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