Valentine’s Day- 10 Types of Kisses and What They Mean



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Valentine’s Day Special: Kissing is a personal and emotional way of showing affection, but it can also be very stressful for many people, especially if they don’t have much experience with it. Not understanding much about kissing can make certain situations uncomfortable for both people involved. The meaning of a kiss is not always the same, such as where, when, and with whom the kiss happens—can completely change its significance. It also mentions that there are various ways to kiss someone, and each type of kiss can convey different meanings depending on the situation.

1.  Peck on the Lips:

A peck on the lips is the most basic way to kiss your partner or even your child. It is a simple way to show affection by lightly touching your partner’s lips with your own. During a peck, both partners’ lips are usually closed and slightly puckered. It is a great way to have a first kiss with someone you like or are going out with, as it is intimate but not as intense as making out. There is no way to go wrong with it, as it doesn’t require any technique or practice.



2.  American Kiss:

This type of kiss is a step up from pecking and involves deeper kissing. It’s romantic and involves kissing your partner by opening your lips to each other. This type of kiss is called an American kiss and does not involve the use of a tongue. It’s the kind of kiss you would typically see in PG-13 movies or TV shows. It’s perfectly decent and not too inappropriate, so it’s suitable if you ever want to kiss your partner in front of others.




3.  French Kiss

French kissing is a very passionate type of kissing your partner, similar to what’s known as an “American kiss,” but with more involvement of the tongue. It’s suggested to begin a make-out session with an American kiss and then gradually introduce the use of your tongue. This type of kissing might take some practice to feel comfortable with, so it’s normal if it doesn’t feel perfect at first.



4.  Kiss on Cheek

A cheek kiss is a simple way of greeting or showing affection that can have different meanings depending on the person you share it with. It is very common to exchange cheek kisses with friends or family in a non-romantic way or to greet acquaintances formally. It can also be a sweet way of showing affection for someone you like if you’re not ready to kiss them on the lips. You can give your partner cheek kisses to show affection, gratitude, love, and more.



5.  Forehead Kiss

A gentle kiss on the forehead can communicate a lot without using words, and it can hold significant meaning for the person receiving it. A forehead kiss can be a tender and caring gesture, rather than a romantic one. It’s a perfect way to show affection, understanding, trust, and care to someone you care about, whether it’s your partner, friends, parents, or children.



6.  Eskimo Kiss

This type of kiss involves rubbing the tip of your nose against another person’s nose. It is a friendly greeting gesture in some cultures, such as the Eskimos, which is where it gets its name. This kiss is often shared in a lighthearted moment with a partner, and it typically conveys playfulness and affection. It can also be very cute to share this type of kiss with a child.



7.  Neck Kiss

The neck is considered to be a very sensitive and intimate part of the body, and kissing it is often seen as a romantic and erotic gesture. These kinds of kisses are not at all platonic and can be interpreted as a sign of flirtation, especially if they come from someone you are not in a relationship with. Adding neck kisses to a make-out session can enhance the overall experience.


8.  Butterfly Kiss

The butterfly kiss is a very sweet and tender type of kiss that expresses love, affection, and playfulness. To give someone a butterfly kiss, you bring your face close to theirs, with your eyes almost touching, and then flutter your eyelids. This makes the receiver feel like they are being kissed by the wings of a butterfly. Butterfly kisses are not always romantic and are often used by parents on their young children.



9.  Kiss On Hand

Hand kisses are not always considered the most romantic gesture, and are often seen as a casual greeting at informal events. They are also used as a sign of respect for elders or those of higher rank in many cultures. However, when you kiss your partner’s hand while holding it, it can be a very tender and warm moment. It can convey affection, trust, assurance, and love to them.



10. Kiss On Top Of Head

A kiss on the top of the head is typically a comforting gesture that can make the person receiving it feel reassured. This type of kiss is often given by older family members, especially parents, and it can make you feel safe, comforted, and surrounded by a sense of familiarity. However, it can also be just as effective when given by a partner, providing the same comfort and security as a kiss from a family member.



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