Travellers Can Still Explore America Via Gousa TV’s New Spring Lineup


Travellers are seeking content to transport them to new places. GoUSA TV leads the way with three original short-form programs: Trails & Trailblazers, California Pop, and Lucky in Love.

Each week, GoUSA TV is rolling out new programming to help explorers continue travel dreaming while they stay at home. The premier travel entertainment streaming platform is available without a subscription, fees, or logins required. Its spring lineup brings fresh perspectives from real people across America as they provide a personalised look into its unique destinations. The new quick entertainment content includes three original shows, Trails & Trailblazers, California Pop, and Lucky in Love, as well as a licensed selection of Atlas Obscura videos, and a curated USA selection of Anthony Bourdain’s beloved No Reservations series.

Travellers Can Still Explore America Via Gousa TV’s New Spring Lineup“Our interest in sharing unique stories from across the USA has always been based on inspiring the hearts of travellers from around the world. Now, in a time when we must channel our passion for exploration into new and inventive ways, these video series give viewers the opportunity to see diverse perspectives, hear fresh and engaging stories, and add new destinations to their bucket lists,” said Tom Garzilli, chief marketing officer, Brand USA. “Nothing can compare to the vast experiences the USA offers; that’s why we’ve dedicated an entire channel to sharing these stories and showing viewers what is waiting to be discovered.”

This spring, viewers can stream the following programmes on GoUSA TV:

Atlas Obscura (a selection of licensed videos) – April 16, 2020

Travellers Can Still Explore America Via Gousa TV’s New Spring LineupFrom the World’s Largest Egg in Chicago to diving into a grits-filled pool at the World Grits Festival in St. George, South Carolina, a licensed selection of Atlas Obscura videos takes viewers to the USA’s most unusual places. The short-form video series will feature 15 new unique destinations across America, including Oʻahu’s majestic Koko Crater Trail, the surfing culture of Alaska’s bore tide, and a ghost town in Virginia City, Nevada that’s still very much alive.

California Pop – April 23, 2020

Travellers Can Still Explore America Via Gousa TV’s New Spring LineupThis original five-episode series takes viewers on a road trip across California to experience the quirky undiscovered pop-culture landmarks of Northern and Southern California. In partnership with Visit California and produced by Saville Productions, the show combines innovative visual techniques with rich, character-based storytelling. Viewers follow two fun-loving and adventurous best friends, Anthony and Shikira, from Gold Country and the Central Valley to the Northern, Central, and Southern Coasts. During their journey, they meet a diverse cast of unforgettable characters—creators, purveyors, and stewards of pop culture—who have overcome different obstacles to create something unique in their own little corners of California. Each episode builds on the previous one, expanding the viewer’s understanding of California’s great diversity and the myriad of possibilities that can be explored in the state. Please click here to view the trailer.

Lucky In Love – April 30, 2020

This three-part original series sends three international couples on a game of chance throughout the United States. The toss of a coin determines which partner will select the day’s activities as they set out to explore a new destination – pushing the duo outside of their comfort zone as they experience something entirely new. In the end, the couples learn something new about themselves – both independently and together. True relationships may be tested but also strongly forged. The series is filmed in Fort Worth, Texas; Washington, D.C.; and New Orleans, Louisiana.

Trails & Trailblazers – Currently streaming

Travellers Can Still Explore America Via Gousa TV’s New Spring LineupTrails & Trailblazers is derived from Brand USA’s third documentary film, Into America’s Wild. The show follows an adventurous young pilot, Ariel Tweto, as she discovers new and unexpected places across the USA. Viewers will be taken to uncharted territories of Alaska’s landscapes and wildlife, virtually kite surf along Oregon’s scenic Columbia River Gorge, and even see what it is like to ride the bison on Antelope Island in Utah. Additional destinations include the Appalachian Trail in Florida, where viewers meet personalities such as Jennifer Pharr Davis, a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, who set the record for completing the fastest Appalachian Trail hike by a woman. In San Antonio, Texas, viewers cruise along the San Antonio River, where they meet Emma Faye Rudkin, a deaf inspirational speaker who inspires disabled children around the USA to overcome obstacles. Tweto also makes stops in New York, Colorado, and New Mexico. This series is produced by the Academy Award-nominated producers at MacGillivray Freeman Films. Please click here to view the trailer.

No Reservations – Currently streaming

The late American celebrity chef, author, and travel documentarian Anthony Bourdain hits both familiar culinary hot spots, and out-of-the-way food stands in his global quest for the ultimate dining experience in No Reservations, which is now available for streaming. In true Anthony Bourdain style, he conveys an honest and realistic look into some of the fascinating destinations and people he meets along the way. Featured places include the snow-capped mountains and winding rivers of Montana, the vibrant and musical city of New Orleans, as well as quintessential restaurants in New York City and Hudson Valley, New York; Washington, D.C.; Maine; San Francisco, California; and the Midwest.

GoUSA TV is available for streaming on YouTube, Roku, Amazon Fire, and Apple TV, or via the Apple iOS store and Google Play on smartphone devices.

Because every place has a story. Imagine a channel that features a constant source of authentic, compelling, and entertaining travel stories from across the USA. GoUSA TV is the premier destination to discover all the possibilities the USA has to offer told from the diverse perspectives of real people.

GoUSA TV is powered by Brand USA, the destination marketing organisation for the United States, and is available for download on your iOS or Android phone or on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and YouTube. Brand USA, the destination marketing organisation for the United States, was established by the Travel Promotion Act as the nation’s first public-private partnership to promote the United States as a premier travel destination and to communicate U.S. travel policies and procedures to worldwide travellers. The organisation’s mission is to increase international visitation to the USA in order to fuel the U.S. economy and enhance the image of the United States worldwide. Formed as the Corporation for Travel Promotion in 2010, the public-private entity began operations in May 2011 and does business as Brand USA. According to studies by Oxford Economics, over the past six years, Brand USA’s marketing initiatives have helped welcome 6.6 million incremental visitors to the USA, benefiting the U.S. economy with more than $21.8 billion in total economic impact and supporting, on average, nearly 52,000 incremental U.S. jobs a year. If you’re a traveller and a seeker and want to discover more about the USA and the boundless diversity of American travel experiences and authentic, rich culture, you can visit Brand USA’s website

Travellers Can Still Explore America Via Gousa TV’s New Spring Lineup

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