Top Five Online Plant Nurseries


Top Five Online Plant Nurseries

Top five Online Plant Nurseries one must know to celebrate World Environment Day during the Pandemic. There are many benefits of ordering plants online as it will be delivered to doorstep of the product. By ordering plant from online nurseries, you can eliminate the humdrum of taking the plant home with care. And not just that, to please the customers, online nurseries also promise to deliver on-time. Here are the top five Plant Nurseries, which might help one order plants during this pandemic and cultivate gardening as a hobby.

myBageecha Top Five Online Plant Nurseries

myBageecha is a platform for Urban India to stay close to nature. Every city turning into a concrete jungle now, myBageecha offers unique solutions for every person with beautiful plants, pots & decorative knick-knacks to create your green patch. We strive to be the perfect urban solution with our unique products developed keeping you in mind. They offer a wide range of plants and shrubs.

Nursery Live Top Five Online Plant NurseriesTop Five Online Plant Nurseries

Nursery Live is a one-stop-shop for all gardening related requirements, with more than 6000 products available online delivery across India. They have products ranging from plants, pots, tools, to curated plantscaping solutions. They have served around 1 million happy plant parents, who are now with happy and beautiful plants. Nursery Live serves flowering plants, bulb plants, Air purifying plants, Indoor plants etc.

UGAOO Top Five Online Plant Nurseries

Top Five Online Plant Nurseries

UGAOO, sell both indoor and outdoor plants. They help in solving all the gardening issues by providing the best. Ugaoo provides gifts that grow, which can be presented during birthdays, anniversaries or even plant swapping during the pandemic. They offer plant cares, Seeds, DIY Plant Kits, Tools and Accessories and Pots and Planters. They aim to have a more sustainable space through customized gardening solutions.

Leafy Island Top Five Online Plant Nurseries

Leafy Island, started in 2020 for helping plant lovers to maintain and grow healthy plants. Every plant is cultivated and delivered with care. Their journey just doesn’t end with purchasing the product but they also offer Plant cares by the in-house plant experts. This Environmental Day celebrate with Leafy Island.

The Green Yard

Top Five Online Plant Nurseries

The Green Yard, creates beautiful custom Miniature Garden and Terrarium. They offer Bio Fertilizers, Activate Charcoal, Pesticides, Planters, Pots, Seeds and many more. They aim to fulfill the dreams of plant parents by providing the best plants and care. It is a one-stop-shop solution, all under one roof.

Top Five Online Plant Nurseries

Top Five Online Plant Nurseries, a better way to celebrate the World Environment Day in a better way, by buying plants online and spreading the joy of Mother Earth.

Top Five Online Plant Nurseries

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