Shopping Freaks, It’s Time For Some Guilt-Free Swapping At “Exchange Room”!


Shopping Freaks, It’s Time For Some Guilt-Free Swapping At “Exchange Room”!

Shopping Freaks

Have you ever felt that your wardrobe doesn’t have enough space to contain all your clothes? Your wardrobe probably is drowning in a sea of clothes that you are not using anymore, but you want to keep them in case of any kind of need later. We all tend to do that, without realising that these clothes will end up in a landfill in less than a year. While some people maybe shopping to get the latest trends, some might be just doing it out of boredom or as an activity to indulge in outside your mundane work or home life. No wonder it’s called retail therapy. What can we do about this? Is there any way we can control this  shopping urge?

Have you ever heard of the guilt-free retail therapy? A place where fashion sustains without the usual use and throw technique? If not, Bangalore has an amazing eco-friendly fashion initiative. Started in July 2014 by four friends, who are fashion enthusiasts, it is called the “Exchange Room”. This initiative works with a motive to create a sustainable shopping experience by swap and shop from the pop-up stores. They host events that you can attend with your friends and do some sustainable and guilt-free shopping by buying or selling some pre-loved quality clothes. This social gathering is the perfect place to swap your branded and quality clothes that don’t fit you anymore with something that you like and fit into. Don’t have any clothes to swap? Well, you can still buy some stunning pre-loved items at a throw-away price.

The Exchange Room is all about creating a culture of mindful consumption to induce a change of attitude towards fashion with nurturing generosity. The Exchange Room has already hosted 15 events in Bangalore with the help of some incredible fashion influencers to spread the aim and vision of this lovely community.

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