Ready To Visit A Beautiful Park With Dragon Installations?


Dragon InstallationsHow about to spend this weekend with some life-sized dragons emerging from the lush greens? Well, I’m talking about Buddha Park where the beautiful landscape designed with dragon installations to give you a magnificent view. Most of the people won’t be familiar with this place. The park has not received the recognition that it truly deserves yet. The place is not all about Buddha and his life in different statues and carvings. The interesting part is, it is not restricted by a single theme.

Dragon InstallationsThe park is modelled after a Zen garden with not following the traditional blueprint of a vast stretch of land often associate with parks. The Buddha Park contains stairs and turns and it is enough to excite you at every nook and cornet with a gorgeous viewpoint that lets you see the city in all its glory.

Dragon InstallationsDon’t worry; you won’t be spending a fortune to visit this park. In fact, this park will give you an almost exact replica of the demon’s mouth from the Laos Buddha Park. What more you can ask for? The park also got jogging trails, seating arena, creative installations, unique shrubs and plants and more.

Already excited to visit this awesome park?

Address: – Buddha Park, (Buddha Shanti Kanive), BDA Layout, Naagarabhaavi.

Timings: – 5:30 am to 9:30 am, 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Entry free

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