Professional Skincare in the New Normal World


The past few months have had all of us greatly miss our monthly facial sessions with our neighbourhood beauticians. Instead, we have had to rely on homecare hacks to take care of our skin. However, these have often not brought upon the relaxation and glow that a facial would normally provide your skin with.

Since then, salons are only now getting back to business post an ease in lockdown restrictions. While we have all been eager to go back to one, there is also a feeling of anxiousness and fear associated with it. Your next visit might look significantly different from your last appointment. Changing for the better and supported by partners such as Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals – India’s pioneering professional skin care brand, salons are now setting up newer and heightened standards of professional skin care. These safety and hygiene practices have been developed to ensure your safety as well as that of your technician.

Wondering how your next appointment will feel like in the new normal? Introducing the Zero Touch Facial

A safety protocol that ensures that the beautician doesn’t touch your skin with her bare hands. Rather, she is enabled to deliver the exact service with the same efficiency by using the professional tools and techniques by Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals. Using disposable gloves and a mask, she can ensure that your skin concerns are treated in a hygienic manner and the sanitized tools allow for advanced exfoliation and radiant skin.

Minimizing Contact with Virtual Skin Diagnosis

To minimize contact, it is recommended that you go through a virtual consultation session via phone with your beautician prior to stepping into the salon. In case your work schedule doesn’t permit it, you can always have your technician diagnose your skin using the Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals Skin Scan App from a safe distance to help her recommend the perfect treatment your skin needs.

Safety Trainings and Hygiene Practices

In addition, Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals has been using the lockdown period to upskill and train their vast salon network to be equipped with all the required protocols, to enable them to get back to business. Digital educational trainings have helped salon owners and their teams prepare a detailed hygiene checklist that they must adhere to whilst reopening. The distribution of safety kits by the brand includes disposable masks, gloves, bed sheets, shower caps and bed gowns to make the facial service hygienic and safe for you and your technician.

Kamal Kapoor, Owner of Ikonic Salons in New Delhi says, “The past few months have been extremely tough for the business and we have missed coming in to work and servicing our clients. We have used this time to virtually train ourselves by experts from Cheryl’s Cosmeceuticals who have helped us understand the hygiene practices that we must follow while interacting with clients. We have also been adapting to change with new introductions such as the zero touch facial, to ensure we can provide the same skin service while taking all precautionary measures. We have maintained our connection with clients through contactless delivery of essential products (cleansers, moisturizers and sunblocks). While we were initially worried if they would return to our salon post the health crisis, it has been a few days since we have been open and are slowly seeing them come in for basic clean ups and exfoliation facials. We look forward to welcoming our clients back.”


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