Bengaluru, 12th April, 2024: Prime Golf, Asia’s largest microbrewery combined with an immersive golfing experience, has officially opened its doors in the bustling heart of Whitefield, Bengaluru. Spanning a remarkable 1.52 lakh sq ft, this innovative venue introduces a ground-breaking concept that seamlessly merges the excitement of golf with the luxury of craft brewing, all under one roof. Aptly embodying the ethos of “Swing, Sip, and Soak in the Fun,” Prime Golf is the brainchild of serial entrepreneur Mr. Dabbara Mallikarjuna Naidu. It aims to elevate  leisure and entertainment by providing an inclusive, dynamic space for guests to unwind and savour life’s most exquisite moments.

Breaking free from the traditional exclusivity of elite member-only golf clubs, Prime Golf extends a warm invitation to families, friends, and corporate groups to immerse themselves in its vibrant ambiance. The state-of-the-art facilities proudly feature Asia’s largest microbrewery, where an expert team crafts an unparalleled selection of craft beers onsite. At the helm is Umang Nair, the property’s award-winning brewmaster, boasting over 12 years of experience in leading brewing operations at distinguished craft breweries across India. Nair has skillfully curated an exceptional lineup of brews at Prime Golf.

Beer aficionados can anticipate an extraordinary collection of craft brews, showcasing a diverse spectrum of flavours including IPAs, lagers, sour beers, millet-based brews, and fruit-infused ales. Crafted with locally-sourced ingredients, each brew offers a distinctive twist on global styles. As the mango season approaches, a tantalizing mango ale awaits, promising to capture the essence of various mango varieties with its aromatic, tangy, and sweet notes.

Presently, on tap are six distinct craft brews, including the Birdie Weizen (Hefeweizen) boasting banana and clove undertones, the refreshing Whack (Wit Belgian Witbier) infused with orange peels, coriander seeds, and spices, the crisp Fairway Ale (Golden ale), the robust Weizenbock German-style wheat beer, the citrusy triple-hopped Hopshot IPA, and the tropical Pineapple Passionfruit Prime ale (Finest Prime Brew).

In addition to its exceptional craft beer offerings, Prime Golf showcases a curated selection of expertly crafted cocktails by renowned mixologist Avinash Kapoli. Kapoli, celebrated for his contributions to esteemed establishments such as Jamming Goat, Soka, Raahi, and as proprietor of Cocktail Kompany, promises to elevate the drinking experience with his signature creations.


Guests are invited to immerse themselves in the thrill of the sport at individual golf bays meticulously designed for precision striking, all while enjoying panoramic views from the expansive bar and LED screen, the largest in its category. Boasting a massive 1,500 seating capacity, Prime Golf guarantees an immersive experience for all patrons.

Culinary enthusiasts are in for a treat with Prime Golf’s exceptional dining offerings, helmed by celebrity Chef Sombir Choudhary. With a rich culinary background spanning establishments like Soka, Jamming Goat, Phurr, Raahi, and more, Chef Choudhary presents over 450 delectable choices ranging from modern Indian to global cuisines. Signature highlights include the Baby Potato Tuk, Sweet-sour Pork Belly, and the divine Flourless Mudcake

Prime Golf’s modern, energy-infused design seamlessly intertwines the excitement of golfing with the richness of craft beer flavors, setting a new standard in experiential hospitality.

Prime Golf derives its name from the pursuit of uncompromising quality and authenticity. This unparalleled concept harmonizes the thrill of precision striking with the artistry of craft brewing, creating an immersive world teeming with Golf. As Asia’s ultimate golf and brewing destination, Prime Golf promises an extraordinary experience for all who seek life’s finest pursuits.

Commenting on the launch, Mr. Naidu expressed, “At Prime Golf, our vision was to cultivate a space where people could come together to relish quality leisure time. With a plethora of activities, sumptuous cuisine, and artisanal brews, Prime Golf aspires to redefine entertainment in Bengaluru.” Director Gundla Darahas Chowdary added, “Prime Golf stands as a remarkable venue seamlessly blending the excitement of golf with the luxury of craft brewing. We are thrilled to provide a vibrant and inclusive space for guests to unwind and celebrate life’s most exquisite moments.”

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