Delhi NCR, March 9th, 2024 – UNOX, a leading Italian brand, renowned for designing and manufacturing high-performance commercial ovens catering to the food service, retail, pastry, and bakery sectors, once again captivated visitors at AAHAR 2024, the International Food & Hospitality Fair held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

UNOX Image (1)At this year’s Aahar trade show, UNOX introduced its latest range of cutting-edge combi-ovens – CHEFTOP-X and BAKERTOP-X. This marked the first-ever unveiling and showcasing of these state-of-the-art cooking systems in India, further solidifying UNOX’s position in the combi-oven category.


The UNOX booth at AAHAR provided an immersive experience for food service professionals, featuring demo sessions by an expert team of chefs from UNOX India. These sessions meticulously highlighted the unparalleled versatility and efficiency of UNOX equipment, underscoring the brand’s dedication to providing innovative solutions to the food service industry.


Vikram Goel, Managing Director, UNOX India, expressed the brand’s commitment: “The unveiling of the CHEFTOP-X and BAKERTOP-X combi-oven series marks a significant milestone in our journey to empower chefs with cutting-edge technology. We are not merely introducing a new line of combi-ovens; we are revolutionizing the way culinary professionals create, innovate, and excel in their craft. Our dedication extends to strengthening our presence in India and supporting the growth of the food service industry. With our extensive range of ovens and dedicated support, we aspire to empower chefs and food businesses to achieve their culinary goals.”


Tailored for gastronomy and bakery applications, the CHEFTOP-X and BAKERTOP-X not only cater to food service professionals’ unique preferences but actively seek feedback to improve and align their performance with chefs’ expectations. By incorporating advancements such as “HEY Unox!” for voice operation, these ovens revolutionize efficiency and control in the professional kitchen, enhancing the culinary experience.


Culinary professionals interested in learning more about the CHEFTOP-X and BAKERTOP-X combi-oven series can visit the UNOX website at

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