New Vegan Menu at Hatti Kaapi


Most of the foodies would have experienced the unique taste of filter coffee, tea, cold coffee and food at Hatti Kaapi. Going a step further, they have now introduced a specialty vegan menu.

Hatti Kaapi

Vegans can now get their share of beverages, from coffee, tea, frappe and oreo shake. Also try the Kothimbir Vada, Kheema Pav made from soy, Whole wheat spinach and cheese sandwich, Bagels with herbed cream cheese and barbecued carrots, Burger and Soy Biryani. The new vegan menu has been designed by R&D scientists along with a team of Vegan Chefs and doctors who are creating vegan versions of beverages and snacks.

New Vegan Menu at Hatti Kaapi

Apart from their dedication to serving an authentic cup of filter Kaapi each time, their sustainable practices, inclusion and initiatives like employing and giving equal opportunities to the differently-abled, senior citizens and rural youth, they have now expanded their culinary excellence to a larger audience.

The world is changing, and to embrace this change, Hatti Kaapi has joined hands with many Planet saviours and  groups and NGOs, to save water, land, environment and climate change. The sustainable practices at Hatti Kaapi includes serving kaapi in earthen pots.

New Vegan Menu at Hatti Kaapi

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