Know Your Chef: Chef Praveen Shetty


Praveen Shetty, Executive Chef Conrad Bengaluru, led the pre-opening team of chefs at Conrad Bengaluru, the second luxury hotel in the Hilton portfolio in India, since 2017. Praveen earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Hotel Management and Catering Technology from Dr. D.Y.Patil Institute of Hotel Management affiliated to The University Of Pune. Chef Praveen believes in keeping it original by sourcing the finest ingredients from origin markets across the world. He is passionate about adapting new global culinary techniques like “Pans to your Plate”, “Source Local Serve Global” and innovative plating and presentation.

Praveen ShettyPraveen Shetty started his career in 2005 and has over 13 years of experience in the kitchen with an enviable body of experience achieving culinary expertise. Praveen Shetty joined Hilton eight years ago and has spearheaded three successful pre-openings from Hilton Chennai, Conrad Pune to now Conrad Bengaluru. After stints at Grand Hyatt and Hilton Chennai as a Sous Chef, he moved on to become Chef De Cuisine. He proceeded to take charge as the Executive Sous Chef at the hotel, before moving to Conrad Pune as the Executive Sous Chef. He then relocated to Conrad Bengaluru. Chef Praveen Shetty has been awarded the Executive Chef Of The Year (Zonal) by BW Hotelier India Awards 2019, People’s Choice Favourite Chef Of The Year at Gourmet Peak Life Awards 2019 and the Most Innovative Chef of the Year (South and West) by FOODFOOD Awards 2019.

Award winning Executive Chef Conrad Bengaluru Praveen Shetty tells us about his journey and his culinary specials.

  • Please share your first tryst with cooking and how did you work on your culinary skills?

As a kid, I was always eager and used to help mom in daily cooking. At that time, we had a manual stone grinder and my sister and I used to help her grind in the stone grinder. That’s how my passion for cooking started and then it moved on to helping her for Sunday lunches and so on. But it was from my mother that I developed the liking for cooking.

  • Where did you take your formal culinary education?

I took my formal culinary education from Dr DY Patil Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, affiliated to Pune University and it was a four-year degree course in Hotel management. Every year, we were groomed into various hotel departments, but I was more inclined towards being a Chef and was fortunate enough to have the guidance of the Culinary Professors.

  • How do you innovate every time, staying ahead of the game?

I strongly believe that the Chefs have complete liberty and freedom to create and enhance guest experience and that leads to being innovative. If we are not innovative then the guests also have lot of choices in competition to explore. This has been a very good strength of the culinary team at Conrad and that’s the reason we are known for being innovative and creative.

  • What are some of your Conrad specials that people have loved over the years?

Barbecue Dimsum at Mikusu, Our Signature Robayatyaki, Galouti and Biryani at Indian Durbar, Salads at Tiamo and many more. The Signature Brunch at Conrad is the most sought-after brunch for its innovation and experience.

  • What do you do to ensure that you continue to get your loyalists love your food?

I feel that the Chefs role is not only to cook good food, but also be open to meet guests and take feedback. The feedbacks can vary for being very positive to an encouraging feedback for improvement. That’s where I can work and make sure I live up to the expectations of the guests.

Know Your Chef: Chef Praveen Shetty

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