Kajol’s Best Three Tips For Success


The cutest actress of Bollywood Kajol shared three tips for success in her latest Instagram posts lately alongside with some gorgeous pictures of herself.  The success mantras and the guide for newcomers in any field is trending on the internet now.

“3 steps to success: – 1. Try #EverythingWorksEventually,” Kajol captioned the first picture which she posed with holding the ends of her off-white dress as it flows in the breeze.

The second step of success is shared with the close-up picture of the same dress with saying “2. Failure #Life #EverythingWorksEventually #Attitude #PositiveIsAFeeling.” Her third mantra is “Learn and try harder, Repeat till you achieve everything.”

“Had I not succeeded, I’m not sure I would have been as financially stable as I am today. Had I studied further, I would have had a degree to fall back on to allow me to pursue another job. I was clear that whatever happened in my life, I’d always be financially secure. I am extremely careful of my money. I invest it correctly. I don’t indulge in expensive hobbies, except my Kindle and books.” Kajol told in an interview earlier this year.

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