Kajol Shares Some Tips for Success


Bollywood star, Kajol shared a few tips for success on her latest Instagram posts alongside some stunning pictures of herself.

“Three steps to success: 1. Try #EverythingWorksEventually,” Kajol captioned the first picture.

The second step of success she posted, read “2. Failure #Life #EverythingWorksEventually #Attitude #PositiveIsAFeeling.”

Her third mantra is “Learn and try harder. Repeat till you achieve everything.”

“Had I not succeeded, I’m not sure I would have been as financially stable as I am today. Had I studied further, I would have had a degree to fall back on to allow me to pursue another job. I was clear that whatever happened in my life, I’d always be financially secure. I am extremely careful of my money. I invest it correctly. I don’t indulge in expensive hobbies, except my Kindle and books,” said Kajol.

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