It’s Time To Meet A Group Of Gujaratis Who Travels From Bengaluru To Mysuru On Foot Every Year


Imagine walking from Bengaluru to Chamundi hills on Dasara occasion. Well, more than 100 members from the Gujarati community who lives in Bengaluru does this every year. According to one of the eminent member of the Patel Community, Manoj Patel, a businessman from Bengaluru says that “We begin the walk four days before Navaratri celebrations. We do this out of our faith — it has become like a ritual for us”. In Jayantilal Patel’s words “It was Jayantilal who began this 22 years ago, we simply joined him after that. Call it our faith or a ritual, we feel the festivities are incomplete if we do not walk from Bengaluru to Chamundi Hills in Mysuru every year. We would do something similar in Gujarat too.”

The group includes both men and women and they usually begin the walk at dawn from Bengaluru. The group always make sure about the medical availability. “We make multiple stops in between for food and such and usually at night we sleep are gurukuls or choultries arranged by the community,” says Gaurav Patel. Jayantilal Patel added that “We leave it to God. We don’t prepare anything, we just walk together.” “We have a car that follows us throughout the route along with all the necessary medical supplies. The day we reach Chamundi Hills, we go to the temple for darshan and leave the same day, to reach Bengaluru just in time for the festivities,” Manoj Patel sums up.

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