Catch a beautiful sunset view across Bangalore


Beautiful Sunset

Are you a die-hard romantic nature lover who loves to watch sunsets? You don’t have to go too far. Bangalore has some great places where you can catch a beautiful sunset, with the sun sinking into the horizon. Here are some places in the city, where you can catch a beautiful sunset in Bangalore.

13th Floor

Beautiful Sunset

This restaurant at Barton Centre on MG road offers beautiful views of the city. You can enjoy the sunset with your family and friends, while you sip on your drinks and eat some good food.

Sankey Tank

Beautiful Sunset

Sankey Tank in Malleshwaram is known for the magical powers. Late evening hours can give you a beautiful walking experience around the lake, where you can watch the sun sink into the horizon. This is the perfect place to relax your body and mind and to get some authentic South-Indian snacks at some iconic spots in the vicinity.

Turahalli Forest

Beautiful Sunset

Get some fresh air, while you catch the sunset. The beautiful Turahalli Forest located 20 kilometres outside the city is a favourite spot for nature lovers. This trekking spot is considered as the only surviving forest in Bangalore.

Yediyur Lake

Beautiful Sunset

The oldest lake in the city shaded by lofty trees and lined with numerous plants sits at the edge of Basavanagudi. Enjoy a jog or leisurely stroll around the lake. The lake is a hotspot for sunsets and calming waters and the water body attracts a variety of birds that you can catch at the small jetty. This place is perfect to watch a romantic sunset on this weekend.

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