Have you heard of a Cool Facebook Group That’s Dedicated To Biryanis?


There is no doubt about choosing a delicious biryani over any other food items for a food lover. But do you know that there is a group on Facebook that’s dedicated everything biryani? Yup guys, they got everything from breakfast biryanis to Donne biryanis in Bengaluru Biryani Club.

Bengaluru Biryani Club

Bengaluru Biryani Club started overnight with the immense love for some delicious biryani. Renukesh Bingeri, Navneeth Thimmappa, and Vinay Nagaraju invented the Facebook group for the real biryani lovers out in our town who can differentiate between a Donne biryani and a dum biryani. The Facebook group posts pictures of the biryani they eat daily and discuss around it. The group unites every kind of biryanis under one roof from Donnes and the dums, the Hyberbadi with Thalassery, and the Ambur to the Awadhi for the real biryani lovers in Bengaluru.

Bengaluru Biryani Club

The group even got the biryani walks from not-so-famous biryani spots to the legendary ones. They follow your delicious drool-worthy biryani places and they also had an event at Shivaji Military Hotel, and even at SGS Gundu Pulao, the best breakfast biryani places in town. The group include 21K strong members and if you are a true biryani fan, this is the time to keep yourself update with the best biryani walks.

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