Experience the Ultimate Festive Indulgence with Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel’s Christmas Goodies


Gingerbread Man Cookie at Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel (1)

Look no further than the Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel, which is offering Christmas goodies to celebrate this festive season. Known for its exceptional culinary offerings, the hotel has curated a range of Christmas goodies that will take the celebration to the next level. With classic goodies and a curated hamper carefully crafted to add a touch of authentic bakery goodies.

Indulge in exquisite Cakes & Bakes, featuring the delectable Linzer Torte, quintessential Festive Fruitcake, traditional Scottish Dundee Cake, and the delightful velvet-smooth chocolate Yule Log (V). Savor the festive spirit with Pies and Breads, including boxes of Minced Fruit Pies, buttery Panettone, and Heavenly Stollen Bread (V). For those with a penchant for Short Crust & Chocolates, the selection includes the tempting gingerbread cookies (V), the luscious Glazed Cinnamon Bun (V), and the Festive Chocolate (V) box. Add a touch of creativity with decorative goods such as the charming Ginger Bread House and the engaging Ginger Bread House DIY Kit. Most of the cakes and pies are available in multiple quantities to fit different requirements – whether for personal consumption or gifting. 

The Festive Hamper is a curated assortment featuring Chocolates (Box of 16), Festive Fruitcake (500g), Stollen Bread (350g), Ginger Bread Cookies (Pack of 10), Minced Fruit Pie (250g), Sprig Lavender Extract, Sprig Vanilla Beans, Organic Honey, Flavored Salt Mill, Millet Bajra Bites, Millets & Seeds Mix, Jowar & Bajra Super Pops, Sprig Chilli Oil, and a delightful Homemade pickle Jar.

Experience the joy of giving and receiving this holiday season with unparalleled Christmas treats from the Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel.

What: Christmas Goodies

Where: Cinnamon, at Renaissance Bengaluru Race Course Hotel

When: Tuesday, 5th December to Sunday, 31st December 

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