Disneyland and California Announced Dates to Reopen


Coronavirus led to a lot places shutting down in order to avoid getting infected by it and one such place was the Disneyland Park. But lately, the Disney brand declared some good news for tourists visiting from all over the world.

Disneyworld California now is ready to welcome its visitors from 17th of July 2020, week after its opening of Downtown Disney District on July 9th. However these are subject to permissions given by the state and local government. Disneyland at Shanghai, was the first to open its gates last month. This seems to be good news not only for Disney lovers, but also for the brand itself, as Disney’s parks and resort generate about 1/3rd of its revenue.

Dr. Christina Ghaly, the director of Health Services for L.A. County, said models indicate that “the spread of COVID-19 in the Los Angeles County area is likely to increase gradually over time.” Though Disneyland California is a neighbour to LA. it is important to have a look out for coronavirus. Nevertheless, the health officials have given a green flag to the film and TV industry especially Hollywood, to start functioning provided they follow the norms for proper health and safety.

Disneyland will be trying to have limited number of people allowed to visit the parks in order to maintain social distancing. Disneyland resort officials plan to maintain their attendance through a new theme park reservation system where in all the guests as well as the pass holders will get reservation to visit the amusement park. A team that specialises in “guest experience” will help the visitors with any queries and to have better experiences.

Being famous for its experiences like parades, fireworks, night time events, meet and greets and performances by the characters, that usually tend to gather crowds together at a single place, will not be conducted upon the reopening. This was decided by the officials of the company, but they will still try to “delight and entertain the guests in new ways”.

Pass holders generate lesser revenue compared to individual ticket buyer’s hence financial analysts expect that Disney would be making lesser money this time. John Hodulik the USB analysts said that they were expecting only 25% of the visitors to return when compared to readings from September 2019. He says it will at least take a year to get the same number of guests compared to the pre-covid times. Tourism industry too will be hit negatively and is estimated to be a fraction of what it was.

  • By Preeti Karia.

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