World of Brands launches a one-of-its-kind Strong Craft Product – Disco Panda


June 05th , 2023: World of Brands (WoB), a ‘House of Brands’ for AlcoBev business, forays into the ready-to-drink craft product segment with the launch of Disco Panda, in Uttar Pradesh. Between June and July 2023, the brand will be introduced in Delhi, Punjab, Chandigarh, Uttarakhand, Orissa, Assam, Kerala and Puducherry.


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World of Brands first launched an exquisite collection under the brand ‘Great Indian Gin’ with 3 flavours in 2022, out of which Nagpur Orange won the award under the ‘Best Flavoured Gin 2023’. Disco Panda will be the second brand to be a part of the brand portfolio, making it one of the few companies with product launches across the spectrum of high-spirit and low-spirit drink segments.


Disco Panda has been hand crafted by India’s most successful Master Brewer Mr. Alok K Basu and an innovation hub based in USA. The creation of this innovative Craft Product involves using a unique low-temperature process which infuses all the ingredients and maintains stability and consistency of the product. The USP of the product is characterised by an easy drinking, low-bitterness experience’. The flagship product will be launched under the name DISCO PANDA ‘Hoppy Magic’ which will soon be followed by its second flavour ‘Pilsen Punch’. Both these flavours will currently be made available in a convenient pack size of 375ml glass bottle and will eventually be launched in the larger ‘share pack’ of 650ml glass bottles as well.


Speaking on the launch, Gurpreet Singh, Co- founder & Director -World of Brands commented, “After the resounding success of ‘Great Indian Gin’, we are delighted to launch our flagship product in the strong craft category – DISCO PANDA, which is set to delight a whole new generation of consumers. We have partnered with some of the best minds in the industry to innovate and conceptualize a product that promises a truly unique and refreshing experience. India is a land of diverse tastes and preferences in the AlcoBev category and we aim to revolutionize this space by creating products that deliver ‘unforgettable drinking experiences’ across various taste-segments”.

World of Brands launches a one-of-its-kind Strong Craft Product – Disco PandaDisco Panda is a unique craft product which uses 100% natural ingredients, exotic botanicals and various natural extracts. Consumers will experience pleasant aromas, a burst of flavours, a refreshing smooth taste with quick mood formation and physiological relaxation. This drink unlike most beers is low on bitterness and it does not give the sensation of heaviness or a bloated stomach which further improves the drinking experience. It allows the consumers to enjoy long sessions which can be paired with any kind of food, including heavy Indian food.


In essence, this is where artful craftsmanship and bold flavour come together for a truly unique and refreshing experience. The idea is to establish an ‘unforgettable drinking experience’ with a vibrant burst of flavours to our mundane daily routine, inspiring us to let-loose and embrace the fun in life. It is bound to transform the consumers from drinking DISCO PANDA to becoming a free-spirited Disco Panda!


Disco Panda’s highlights of the product:

  • Developed by India’s most successful Master Brewer & an Innovation Hub based in USA
  • Created from a very very ‘Secret Recipe’, known only to a handful of people
  • Unique Low-Temperature Manufacturing Process
  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Exotic Botanicals Creating a Pleasant Aroma & a Burst of Flavours
  • Natural Extracts with a Rich Quantity of Antioxidants ensuring Physiological Relaxation
  • An Enjoyable Refreshing Taste Unmatched by Any of Its Peers
  • Easy Drinking Experience with Low Bitterness
  • No Heaviness or Bloated Stomach Effect caused by Most Beers
  • Ideal for Long Sessions of an Unforgettable Drinking Experience
  • Products with 15% & 12% Alcohol Strength for Quick Mood Formation


Considering the different tax structures across each market, the prices are different in different markets. Disco Panda Hoppy Magic which is our first introduction is priced at Rs.150/bottle across all markets except Kerala and Puducherry where we will be priced at Rs.170 & Rs.180 bottle.


About ‘World of Brands’ (WoB)

‘World of Brands’ (WoB ) is a company which owns, partners and acquires relevant alcobev brands, across trending consumer taste-segments. In 2022 it successfully launched the ‘Great Indian Gin’ (GiG), which is currently available in Karnataka, Telengana, Puducherry & Goa. Besides Disco Panda their 2nd brand launch, they have three other brands in different stages of their innovation funnel.


The enviable team of five co-founders have a strong link to the alcobev industry is made up of Gurpreet Singh (Ex-UBL Heineken), Nirmal Rajani (Ex USL-Diageo, UBL-Heineken, ABD), Rohan Patnaik (Ex-HUL, Diageo, Colour Plus, Red Bus), Raghunandan (serial entrepreneur) and Ramesh Govindan (Ex-PWC Accenture, E&Y). Rohan Patnaik & Raghunandan have between them also successfully created and exited an Agri-Tech based Startup. Gurpreet Singh recently was conferred with the award of ‘Asia’s Transformational Leader 2023’.


Collectively this team possess 100+ years of relevant alcobev experience across sales, retailing, marketing, consumer insights, new product innovation, business development, operations, P&L, strategy, digital transformation, core technology and startups. ‘World of Brands’ in its first year of operations was awarded ‘The Most Promising Startup of the Year Award 2022’.

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