Jugni- Quintessential Symphony of Tradition and Nostalgia


Jugni Quintessential Symphony of Tradition and Nostalgia

Jugni a quintessential Kitchen & bar nestled amidst the bustling streets of Koramangala, Bengaluru–  isn’t just a restaurant; it’s an experience for the senses. This Indian fusion haven is the brainchild of Farheen Quadri –  a passionate foodie & entrepreneur who has masterfully blended tradition with innovation, creating a culinary symphony that dances on your taste buds. 

The menu at Jugni is a thoughtfully designed and curated culinary experience. It suggests that the menu is inspired by various gastronomic traditions from different parts of the country and seamlessly combines familiar and nostalgic Indian recipes into a harmonious fusion. The chefs at Jugni are portrayed as skilled artisans who transform traditional recipes into a symphony of flavors that leave a lasting impression and offer a reimagined feast with delightful twists and delectable highlights. Essentially, the menu at Jugni is presented as a carefully crafted and innovative culinary journey that celebrates the diverse flavors and traditions of Indian cuisine.

Quintessential Ambiance: 

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To begin with, stepping into Jugni is like stepping into a world of warmth and vibrancy. The decor is a tasteful blend of modern and traditional elements, with cozy lighting, comfortable seating, and subtle Indian accents. The atmosphere is perfect for intimate conversations, lively gatherings, or simply unwinding after a long day.

Food- A Work of Art

While I talk more about the presentation, you must know that the artistry extends beyond the plate. Each dish arrives adorned like a piece of edible art, a feast for the eyes before it even reaches your lips. Vibrant colors, intricate plating, and unexpected garnishes elevate the dining experience to a whole new level.

Despite such a lavish presentation and royal ambiance, the food is not just delightful to your palette but is also kind to your wallet as well. 

To make it more clear, here are the items from their menu that you MUST TRY!

Let us start with the Appetizers: 

1.Chuda Ghugni Box: 

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When I saw the presentation of this appetizer, it took me back to an era. Chuda Ghugni is a staple snack from Bihar and It is made with flattened rice (chuda) and a curry of dried yellow peas (ghugni). The crunch of the Chuda and the spice of ghugni just water my mouth just by thinking of it. It is a must-try when you visit Jugni. 

2.Avocado Mathri Chaat: 

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Moving on to the next appetizer, using avocado in a chaat is an innovative take on classic street food was a spectacular idea for me. It brings a modern and healthy element to the dish, while still staying true to the spirit of chaat cuisine. The combination of crispy mathri, creamy avocado, and tangy chaat masala creates a delightful interplay of textures and flavors. 

3.Beetroot Peanut Chop

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These crunchy appetizers are now on ‘my most favorite appetizers’ list! I adore the way it was brought to the table, and it was equally good with the taste. The crunchyness on the outside and warm soft appeal on the inside. It is a party in your mouth for sure. 

4.Murg Mango malai

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If you are looking for a non-vegetarian appetizer that will melt in your and leaves a memory of taste on your taste buds? Then without a second thought give out your order for Murg Malai Mango, it tastes as good as the presentation! 

5.Achari paneer Tikka

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Now for the people who want to stay in their comfort zone and do not want o experiment much! I would recommend you wholeheartedly, this appetizer. The paneer is fresh and it melts away like butter leaving the tangy ‘Achari’ flavor on your tongue. 

6.The Chicken Butter Masala

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Now coming to the main course, my first choice would be this dish! And yes it was cooked and served to perfection. To counter the richness of the spices and cream in the Chicken Butter Masala, the dish was garnished with fresh herbs, adding a pop of freshness and vibrancy. 

7.Veg Seekh Masala:

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At Jugni, my attention to this vegetarian main course, went until the end! I had almost everything on the menu and this one dish made me skip a heartbeat. For all vegetarian food lovers, this one is smooth and velvety gravy infused with cream for richness, balanced by a touch of a delightful tang. 

8.Hemp Heart Roti: 

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While I was eating my tandoori roti I was also eager to try Jugni’s Heamp heart roti. The flavor burst in my mouth and yes, it was delicious. It is healthier than the latter options and very balancing too. 

9.Mutton Yakhni Pulav:  

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A nonvegetarian lover will never forget the taste and aroma of this dish, and of that, I am quite sure. This one has become my personal favorite in the main course. 

10.Coffee Rasgulla:

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Surprised by the name? Trust me, you will spiral down the sweet memories of your life with every bite you take. To end the delicious journey of my lunch I ordered up this one! It is made with chenna dumplings steeped in sugar syrup, infused with the rich and robust aroma of coffee. The soft and spongy texture of the rasgullas is accentuated by the silky smooth caramel sauce. 

Cocktail Selective: 

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Jugni is an experience that everyone should have at least once. If I say the food was the only thing that entices your taste buds then the magic doesn’t stop at the food. Jugni’s bartenders are alchemists, conjuring up concoctions that are as delicious as they are creative. From classic cocktails with an Indian twist to signature drinks that push the boundaries of flavor, there’s something to tantalize every palate.  

One visit to Jugni will leave a memory with you that will last a lifetime and I can promise you you will reach out to them whenever that memory turns up in your mind. 

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