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Bastian Garden City: A Luxurious Culinary Oasis in Bangalore

Bastian Garden City: A Luxurious Culinary Oasis in Bangalore

Bastian Garden City isn’t your average Bangalore restaurant. It’s a meticulously designed haven for the discerning diner, where every detail, from theIR interiors, to the art and music, is thoughtfully curated to enhance the dining experience.

A Trendsetting Culinary Experience

Bastian Garden City has carved a niche for itself in Bangalore’s vibrant culinary scene. They’ve consistently pushed boundaries with innovative concepts like:

  • City’s tiki-inspired cocktails: Transport yourself to a tropical paradise with their unique and flavourful tiki drinks.
  • Dedicated gluten-free & vegan menus: Enjoy a delicious and inclusive dining experience regardless of dietary restrictions.
  • Elevated seafood dishes: Savour fresh, high-quality seafood prepared with flair, exceeding expectations typically associated with casual eateries.
  • Hearty and rustic fare: Indulge in comforting and visually appealing “messy” presentations.
  • Stylish indulgence for the fashionable: Soak up the trendy ambience while enjoying delectable food and drinks.

Reservations and Dress Code

To ensure a seamless experience, reservations are essential at Bastian Garden City. A confirmation fee of ₹2,000 applies, which gets adjusted towards your final bill. On-the-spot entry is strictly not allowed, so be sure to book a few days in advance, especially for weekends and holidays when securing a table might be more challenging.

Dress to impress for your visit. The restaurant maintains a stylish atmosphere, and proper attire is required for entry.

What We Loved

  • Exquisite Interiors: Immerse yourself in the restaurant’s sleek and romantically rustic ambience. Choose between indoor or outdoor seating, both offering a unique charm. This is the perfect venue for a romantic date night, but equally enjoyable for gatherings with friends and family.
  • Openness to Culinary Adventures: Be prepared to tantalize your taste buds with a fusion of flavours. If you’re seeking a traditional dining experience, you might want to adjust your expectations. However, with an open mind, you’re guaranteed to be delighted by the innovative and delicious creations.
  • Sophisticated Clientele: The restaurant attracts a stylish and discerning crowd, adding to the overall sophisticated vibe.
  • Impeccable Hospitality: The staff is exceptional, providing attentive and personalized service that contributes to the high-end experience.
  • Distinct Ambiance: The atmosphere transforms throughout the day. The daytime offers a vibrant and energetic vibe, while the evenings transition into a more intimate and romantic setting.

Bastian Garden City, Bengaluru- Interior I

Bastian Garden City: Liquid Delights to Complement Your Meal

Bastian Garden City tantalises not just your taste buds but your entire sensory experience. Their cocktail program boasts unique creations to quench any craving:

  • Clarified Cocktails: Science meets mixology in these stunningly clear elixirs, bursting with flavour in every sip.
  • Fizzy Fusions: Celebrate with vibrant cocktails that fizz with excitement and tantalize your palate.
  • Farm-to-Glass: Savour the essence of freshness with locally-sourced ingredients and invigorating flavours.
  • Bastian Negroni: A modern twist on a classic, these Negronis offer a unique and contemporary experience.Bastian Garden City A Luxurious Culinary Oasis in Bangalore

From science-inspired clarity to celebratory fizzes, there’s a perfect cocktail waiting for you!

Must-Try Dishes

The menu boasts a delectable array of dishes, with separate offerings for lunch and dinner. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Hot Rock Carpaccio (Cold Section): Savour this melt-in-your-mouth tenderloin carpaccio dressed in a Korean chili-soy sauce with truffle oil and a refreshing radish salad. This is available in mushroom as well for vegetarians.
  • Lamb Ghee Roast (Classics): This flavourful dish features succulent lamb paired with a perfectly poached parmesan egg, masala bun, goat cheese crema, creating a delightful textural and taste contrast.
  • Chicken 500 Korean Fried Chicken (Classics): Indulge in the addictive combination of Korean-style fried chicken glazed with a sweet and savoury sesame soy sauce, topped with melted mozzarella, scallions, and sesame seeds.
  • Chilli Dumplings: A delightful option featuring flavourful chicken dumplings served with a chilli dipping sauce. It’s available in veg and prawns filling as well.
  • Crispy Chicken Bao: These fluffy house-made steam buns are filled with succulent crispy chicken, cucumber pickle, and a signature animal sauce, making for a truly satisfying bite.
  • Animal Prawns (From the Sea): Dive into a plate of succulent prawns tossed in a delicious animal sauce, candied nuts, chilli oil, and scallions.
  • Lamb Chop (Robata): Perfectly grilled lamb chop glazed with a sweet and savoury charsui glaze, finished with togarashi, scallion, and sesame seeds.

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Vegetarians, rejoice! Bastian Garden City isn’t just a carnivore’s paradise. Dive into burrata salad with roasted beets and miso brulee, or savour baby carrots with a zesty pipelchuma. For mains, gochujang cauliflower with kimchi butter offers a spicy, savoury punch, while Malaysian noodles are packed with veggies and perfectly cooked to take you on a Southeast Asian adventure. This is just a taste of the vegetarian delights awaiting you at Bastian Garden City!

Experience Bastian Garden City for Yourself

Bastian Garden City offers an exceptional dining experience that caters to those who appreciate style, innovation, and exquisite flavours. With its commitment to quality, impeccable service, and trendy ambience, it’s a must-visit for anyone seeking a luxurious culinary adventure in Bangalore.

Price for 2 pax is approximately ₹4500 (without drinks). Valet parking is available for ₹150.

Book your table in advance and dress to impress for an unforgettable evening at Bastian Garden City!


For more information contact Bastian Garden City :
Address-  No. 4, St. Marks Road, Bengaluru- 560001
Telephone – +91 98800 81644 & +91 98800 81682
Timings-  12:00pm – 1:00am weekdays 
10:00am – 1:00am weekends 
Experience of  Ms.Shrishti Jaiswal – Editor In Chief

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