Safety and hygiene measures taken before the opening


Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway is taking all the necessary measures and precautions to ensure utmost safety and hygiene for its guests at the hotel. Rishi Kumar, Director of Operations, Sheraton Grand Bangalore Hotel at Brigade Gateway shares the list of services that are now available since June 8, 2020. They have now made these facilities available – Rooms, Feast, In-Room Dining, Laundry and Home Delivery.

A safety deck has been prepared in order to communicate the safety steps undertaken with the stakeholders and to build confidence amongst the guests. They have made the usage of personal protective kits mandatory for their guests and associates and the same will be readily available for the guests. Smart visual ques have been incorporated at critical touch points in a guest journey to remind their patrons on the significance of social distancing. While doing this they have ensured that they have included the government guidelines regarding the cleaning and disinfection.

They are driving awareness about maintaining hygiene throughout their hotel. Their associates are undergoing effective training on safety and hygiene. They have leveraged the expertise of their hygiene partners to train their associates both in theory and practical. The position of a hygiene manager gains greater significance under the new normal. Hygiene manager will look into the compliance of health measures taken and will have the ownership to implement processes to ensure safety and hygiene. Frequency of cleaning the hotel premises has been increased and the same is being monitored effectively. Disinfection of all areas is being done with enhanced cleaning chemicals. They are trying to avoid reusable items in the restaurants.

The layout of the restaurants has been relooked into, the gap between the tables is now 1.5 meters. The reservations at their restaurants will be effectively managed to avoid crowding. this means that they will regulate the timings of each reservation and will have a cap in place with regard to number of guests at any given point of time in a restaurant. Traditional menus have been replaced by QR codes to aid the contactless experience. Buffet if any will only be of assisted service and no more self-service.

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