Have You Heard About The Spiciest Momos Challenge In Bangalore?


Are you crazy about momos, the common street food that can make your stomach and heart fill at the same time? From the soft pillow-textured delicious bite to a crispy saucy finger licking goodness, yes, momos have everything to satisfy your palate. But, have you heard about The Spiciest Momos Challenge in Bangalore called “The Fiery Challenge”?

The Fiery Challenge’ offered by the Bamey’s Resto Café in Koramangala is a challenge that’s trending, offering spice lovers to challenge their spice tolerance. The 10 deadly spicy momos are made with a key ingredient, the one and only unbeatable Ghost Chili (commonly known as Bhut Jolokia). The person who wants to participate in this challenge should sign in the document which states that you are responsible for what may happen to you during the challenge.

Bhut Jolokia

After signing the waiver, the waiter will bring you 10 momos (non-veg or veg according to your choice) which you should finish within 10 minutes. The momos will be fried and soaked in a gravy made with Bhut Jolokia that ranks 1,050,000 Scoville units, basically spicier than 5000 green chillis put together. So, imagine the pain you get from eating a single green chilli. Multiply that 5000 times. Simple.

If you win, you will get free momos for 100 days, which is almost worth INR 10,000, and you will also make it to their wall of fame.

But, if you’re a true fan of spicy food, then call your friends and take this fun challenge. Who knows, you may be the next spicy star who will get 100 days momos free.

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