Fruglysta: Upcycled Denim for a Sustainable and Stylish Future

Fruglysta: Upcycled Denim for a Sustainable and Stylish Future

Fruglysta: Brand That Is Finding Its Way Through Fashion World With Denim Recycling

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Fruglysta, a Delhi-based brand, is making waves in the fashion industry with its unique approach to sustainable clothing. They specialize in upcycling denim, giving old jeans a new lease on life as trendy and stylish pieces.

Fruglysta Supports Sustainable and Fashionable:

The name Fruglysta itself signifies the brand’s philosophy: combining “frugal” and “fashionista” to represent affordability and style in sustainable fashion. Founded in July 2023 by a fashion stylist with a passion for sustainability and social impact, Fruglysta aims to not only be kind to the environment but also spread a positive message.

Fruglysta, a College Project:

The founder’s inspiration for Fruglysta came during her college days at the Pearl Academy of Fashion in Delhi. A project requiring the creation of a sustainable and socially conscious brand led her to the concept of an upcycled clothing thrift store. The idea resonated well with her peers and faculty, planting the seed for her future venture.

From Inspiration to Reality:

While still working in the fashion industry, the founder continued researching and refining her concept in 2022. Visiting stores with similar sustainable practices, she stumbled upon the idea of upcycling denim. This sparked further exploration of mixing denim with other fabrics, opening a world of creative possibilities. Finally, in June 2023, Fruglysta was born, officially launching the following month.


Challenges and Sourcing:

One of Fruglysta’s initial hurdles was finding good quality used denim. Despite searching popular spots like Tank Road and Gandi Nagar, the founder only found new and expensive options. Finally, the solution came from the unexpected: the Azad market, where she purchased a bulk of 200 old denim jeans to kickstart her designs.

The Upcycling Process:

Fruglysta’s meticulous upcycling process involves several steps. The first step is to sort the jeans according to their condition and fabric quality. After that, they undergo washing, color separation, and careful selection for particular designs. The stitch lines are removed to create flat fabric, and the pieces are separated. Finally, the cutting and stitching process transforms the old denim into unique new pieces, all within two days.

More Than Just Fashion:

Fruglysta’s mission extends beyond creating stylish clothes. They promote upcycling as a way to reuse old denim in a fashionable and sustainable manner. They believe that every piece of clothing holds memories, and upcycling allows us to cherish those memories while minimizing our environmental impact. By repurposing old fabrics instead of using new ones, Fruglysta raises awareness about responsible resource utilization.

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Standing Out in the Fast-Fashion World:

Fruglysta stands out as a brand that prioritizes both style and sustainability in a world where fast fashion is the norm. Their upcycled denim designs are not only unique and trendy but also environmentally conscious and exclusive, offering pieces unlike anything found elsewhere.

A Movement for a Sustainable Future:

Fruglysta transcends the boundaries of a typical brand, transforming into a movement for a more sustainable and stylish future. The next time you consider discarding your old denim, remember Fruglysta and consider giving them a new life. After all, true fashion should not only enhance our appearance but also make us feel good about our choices.

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