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Whiskers India’s New Perfumes: Unveiling Your Scent-sational Story

Whiskers India’s New Perfumes: Unveiling Your Scent-sational Story

Calling all fragrance enthusiasts! Whiskers India, the go-to brand for unisex grooming, is taking your scent game to a whole new level!!

Whiskers India offers a huge range of beard care and unisex skin care, body and tattoo care products, along with fragrance ranges such as deodorants and perfumes. Partnering with the iconic Rannvijay Singha (from Roadies Fame), Whiskers offers a complete grooming experience, from beard care to skincare, and now, an exciting expansion into the world of perfumes. Get ready to discover six captivating new fragrances, designed to cater to every sense of style. Whether you identify as a man, woman, or somewhere on the spectrum, there’s a perfect scent waiting to be unveiled. These meticulously crafted perfumes are set to arrive at your doorstep in just a week, ready to become the signature touch to your everyday story.

Whiskers India, the brand you know for top-notch unisex grooming products, is making a splash in the world of fragrance! They’ve just unveiled a brand new collection of six meticulously perfected perfumes, expanding their already impressive line of aerosol products. Here’s the exciting part: These six new scents cater to everyone! Whiskers has created two distinct fragrances, each for men, women, and the ever-growing unisex fragrance category. This ensures there’s a perfect perfume waiting to be discovered, no matter your personal style preference.

The best part? These enticing new fragrances are set to arrive at your doorstep! Get ready to add a touch of olfactory magic to your everyday routine and express yourself through a scent that speaks to you.


  • GHOST – 

Ghost men's perfume

Whiskers GHOST EAU DE PARFUM is a versatile body spray fragrance for men. With its oceanic breeze fragrance, GHOST is designed to deliver refreshing sensation, versatility, dynamic depth and an imaginary escape to the world of one’s own. A gripping scent that builds an enthralling whirlwind with Mint, Lavender, Jasmine, Cedar, White Musk and other exotic notes, GHOST inspires a combination of vigour and freshness in a man’s thoughts, actions and body language during his daily life. Crafted with complex yet amazingly unique accords, this perfume works as an appealing extension of a man’s individuality. Its concentrated EAU DE PARFUM formulation guarantees a strong and long-lasting aroma that will accompany him all through the day.

100 ML | MRP : Rs. 999/-

  •  HAUNTED – 

Haunted men's perfume

Whiskers HAUNTED EAU DE PARFUM, with its enigmatic oriental spicy fragrance, never fails to entice today’s man and the world around him. A fragrance that can captivatingly haunt his friends, family, and colleagues, HAUNTED flaunts unique notes of dried fruits, pepper, tonka bean, and more. Together, they spread an olfactory feast while adding depth to a man’s being and strength to his latent sides. Every man would love to feel enveloped in this aromatic symphony and leave a terrific trace of it wherever he goes. Moreover, this long-lasting scent accompanies him for long hours without getting faded. It’s a warm, luxurious, and exotic aroma that redefines his persona in a rich and ravishing way.

100 ML | MRP : Rs. 999/-



Enchanted women's perfume

Whiskers ENCHANTED EAU DE PARFUM is a dazzling balance of floral and fruity notes. It is vibrant, exotic and luscious. A zesty floral-fruity blend of Passion Fruit, Peony, Red Berries, Orchid and more, it adds to the innate feminine magic of every woman of today belonging to any age group. With its juicy, tropical and playful notes, it has a way of enhancing a woman’s versatility, vivaciousness and enigma. Essentially speaking, ENCHANTED invokes the enchantress in every lady who rules her life with power, poise and unique personality. With its swanky floral accords and delicious fruity undertones, ENCHANTED has the power to transport any woman to a world of aromatic bliss and an enviable level of self-confidence.

100 ML | MRP : Rs. 799/-


Pandora women's perfume


Whiskers PANDORA EAU DE PARFUM is an oriental floral fragrance sculpted out of feminine dreams and woven with womanly magic. It showers the lady with a spellbinding blend of Almond, Coffee, Jasmine, Vanilla, Sandalwood and more, and conspires towards enhancing her charisma wherever she goes. It is delightfully long-lasting. It stays on witnessing the lady play multiple roles during the day while being in her power woman avatar of modern age. Diving into PANDORA’s rich and luxurious blend of floral, spicy and warm notes makes every moment a romantic tryst with aromatic opulence. Wear it for a special occasion or as ravishing routine, its exotic elegance never fails to underline a woman’s subtle sensuality, indomitable spirit and feminine flair.

100 ML | MRP : Rs.1199/-


  •  TWILIGHT – 

Twilight unisex perfume

Whiskers TWILIGHT EAU DE PARFUM has alluring aromatic aquatic fragrance gently motivating you to win the world while smelling like a dream. Unique and unisex, this scent impresses you with its versatility. With exotic notes of Bergamot, Lemon, Amber, Patchouli and more, it lets you experience daily magic wherever you go. It empowers you to rule any negotiation, meeting, or date with just a few sprays. Interestingly, in a parallel world, TWILIGHT can also evoke powerful memories and emotions. It builds an aura of freshness, serenity and versatility around you. It is wonderfully long-lasting, refreshing and modern. It smoothly adapts to the shape of your unique vibe while adding that extra zing to it.

100 ML | MRP : Rs. 799/-


Midnight unisex perfume

Whiskers MIDNIGHT EAU DE PARFUM has that perfect mix of evergreen appeal and urban accent with its glamorous, woody, spicy fragrance. With the warm and zesty notes of orange, jasmine, cedar, benzoin, and more, it lets you have that radiant and glorious presence in a variety of settings during your daily life. From formal, semi-formal, to candid, it fits your mood and requirements on any kind of occasion. It is remarkably long-lasting, with an enigmatic uptown feel. The unisex charm of MIDNIGHT’s spicy fragrance is warm, inviting, and elegant in a very earthy style. It captivates your senses, tickles your emotions, and lets you leave a memorable mark on everyone you meet.

100 ML | MRP : Rs. 1199/-

Let us sprinkle a whiff of fragrance over the end of this. Whether you crave a bold and invigorating fragrance, a touch of delicate sweetness, or something effortlessly sophisticated, Whiskers India’s new perfume collection has you covered. Get ready to embark on a scent-sational journey and discover your perfect olfactory match. Stay tuned for more details about these exciting new arrivals!

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