Danny Rienke presented the Spring Summer Collection 2024, Lust Garden, at Berlin Fashion Week

Danny Rienke

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As part of the W.E.4 Fashion Day and Berlin Fashion Week, Danny Reinke presented his spring/summer collection “LUSTGARDEN”. The new collection has become fashionable with its illustration of the triptych “Garden of Earthly Delights” by Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch.

He translates the work into a utopian dream image, a love paradise in which the sexuality of positive emotions is carried. A prêt-à-couture collection for women and men who are full of contradictions and, at the same time, a symbol for gluttony and lust in our modern-day society stands.

Rosé tones in different nuances are the core colours of this SS24 collection. Combined with The delicate colour palette is mainly found on silk fabrics such as blue, brown, grey, and white Dupion, satin, and chiffon. A core element of the collection are the specially created prints that fill the title “Lust Garden” with life. The painting “Garden of the Lust” by the world-famous Renaissance painter Hieronymus Bosch is also the namesake for the collection. Fragments from the picture were transferred to the prints, expanded, and or reassembled.

A visit to a museum was the inspiration for the far-reaching theme of the collection. Thorough research is a pillar of Danny Reinke’s work—the essence of creating a cosmos for new collections. Another elementary building block of the label is the high level of craftsmanship.

Claim: Every piece of clothing and every detail is carefully handcrafted in the Berlin studio. For the new collection, Danny Reinke selected a couture seamstress for the first time in Paris for his team. This collaboration resulted in key pieces of the SS24 collection, such as a dress made of over 300 hand-crocheted flowers and leaves or a tulle dress in delicate Pink with a sweeping silhouette.

On July 11, 2023, Danny Reinke presented the collection for the first time at his fashion show in the frame of the W.E.4 Fashion Days in the Verti Music Hall. The format is an official part of the Berlin Fashion Week and is managed by the Berlin Senate Department for Economics, Energy, and Business, in cooperation with the Fashion Council Germany.



4 shows, 1 after-show party, 1 sustainability contest, the WE FIGHT CANCER CAMPAIGN, and Charity tickets are on sale. Hand in hand for Fashion Week Berlin. Rebekka Ruétz, Danny Reinke, Marcel Ostertag, and Kilian Kerner In January 2023, the first W.E.4 Fashion Day was held at Fashion Week in Berlin, and this will now go into its second round on July 11th, 2023. Rebekka Ruétz, Danny Reinke, Marcel Ostertag, and Kilian Kerner come together to celebrate their new collections this season at the Verti Music Hall. Stick together and collaborate! “We go our way together and will continue to do so from season to season, extending the season. The success of the first W.E.4 Fashion Day proves us right. Hold hands, and together you are stronger than alone”, say the four designers.

The second W.E.4 Fashion Day has the motto WE FIGHT CANCER. Together with the DKMS and the German Cancer Aid, the designers are starting a big campaign and are dedicating their event in July as part of Berlin Fashion Week, on July 11, 2023, to the two organizations. For the first time, it will be next to the Invitations for the professional audience and for the general public, with approximately 200 tickets for all 4 shows of the designers to buy in July. The proceeds of the tickets will go to German Cancer Aid and be donated to the DKMS.

About Danny Reinke

Danny Reinke produces exclusively in Berlin and mainly uses materials that originate from the EU. The label pays attention to high ecological standards as well as working conditions in the manufacture of the fabrics and short shipping routes to ensure the production is as environmentally friendly as possible. A large part of the collections are unique pieces. She only customises on request because resources are precious. Since the company was founded in 2017, the garments have been lovingly made by hand in the Berlin studio. Danny Reinke’s fashion is durable, high-quality, and produced under the highest quality criteria—perfectionism thought through to the smallest detail.


Image Credits : Getty Images

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