Bengaluru Vegans, Here Is Your Cup Of Tea


Are you a vegan? Or do you have any vegan friends? Well, Bengaluru is presenting a vegan paradise full of delicious delicacies including Garlic Cream Pasta, Almond Pesto Paella, and Mini Rasmalais, made with vegan substitutes like coconut milk, mushrooms, and tofu. The unique tasty fusion dishes is going to fill your heart and stomach at the same time.

Bengaluru Vegans

So, where is it? Carrot, the Bengaluru vegan paradise is located in Koramangala is aiming to serve healthy and tasty food which is divided into three health levels. Starting from the ultra-healthy version H1 to the warm and familiar comfort food H3 level.

Carrot proves that the vegan lifestyle is not the end of your taste palates with their mouthwatering vegan foods which is both eco-friendly and have lots of health benefits. Wait, did I forgot to tell that Carrot is the first Vegan Restaurant in India?

Bengaluru Vegans

Carrot serves a generous portion with reasonable pricing and presents a tasty relationship with your palate and healthy foods. The mouthwatering options including the fully-fledged desserts section and the fusion dishes including Mushroom Stroganoff and Millet Burrito are worth a try. Don’t let me start about the OCD – Obsessive Chocolative Disorder. It can defiantly change your mind about vegan foods.

So, what you guys say? Is the time is here to give vegan food a chance?


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