7 Things To Know About Roxie, Bengaluru


7 Things To Know About Roxie, Bengaluru

India’s first and largest craft brew house, Roxie, Bengaluru is an Italian-themed craft house that is every whimsical, hopeless romantic’s dream come true. But apart from being an extravagant place where you turn your head and get mesmerized by the beauty of it, the place offers a whole lot to you.

Let’s break it for you and get you onboard for our next Roxie, Bengaluru visit:

1) Let’s Get Social in European Ambience

It’s a place to be when you want to spend time with your family, friends, colleagues and is equally perfect when you are on your date with Mr/Ms! 

All of this old-world charm, magic and nostalgia is brought to life in a 35,000 sqft. a palatial mansion spread across three floors with every shade of Roxie capturing a different mood. 


2) Create Unforgettable Memories

Whether it’s your birthday or anniversary, be ready to celebrate with Roxie’s angels. They are surely going to make your day right and memorable. If you drink, you may expect some shots on the house too. (Be sure to be a good customer)

The establishment crafts a safe haven where epicurean fantasies are met, remembrance for a lifetime is etched, and celebrations are made eternal in an ambience worth losing yourself in.

7 Things To Know About Roxie, Bengaluru

3) Tantalize Your Taste Buds 

The best thing about Roxie’s menu is that it gets upgraded monthly. Based on season, clients preferences and feedback, chef Vivek Pawar curates unique dishes for an unforgettable experience. The chef himself identifies the best of local ingredients, right vendors, timely supplies and ensures that the client get the best of best food. From the day Roxie opened its door to its customers, the food is mostly sold out each day. 

Additionally, the chef takes personal interest in training the 7+ sous chef who are under different kitchen divisions of Roxie. He is not just a skilled artist but an entrepreneur managing end to end kitchen operations and its business. 

7 Things To Know About Roxie, Bengaluru

4) Bar o Bar! 

“I spent 7 hours straight in Roxie understanding the place, taking interviews on a Friday starting 1 am in afternoon and much to my surprise I did not see even for 1 second that the bartender was free” says, Shrishti Jaiswal- Team TSW.

With 16 craft brews, 16 artisanal cocktails and over 160 gastronomical fantasies, often secret and personal, laid out in the open for you to revel in, Roxie is a space where everything is in perfect balance.

Imbued with the ingenuity and flair of master mixologist, the award-winning Karthik Kumar, Roxie boasts of a selection of cocktails that would put the beverage Gods to shame. 

7 Things To Know About Roxie, Bengaluru

5) Hospitality 

Mr. Pravesh Pandey (Director)  and Mr. Ritesh (Manager of Roxie) provide maximum comfort to the customers by understanding their preferences and background. They make sure, each customer goes out with maximum satisfaction and value for money!

6) Photo Corners to Centers

This place is India’s first Instragrammable craft brew house. Every inch is made to perfection and attention to detailing is given brilliantly. Summers, spring, monsoon or winters, the place can change its vibes instantly. It’s one of the new found love of bloggers.

7 Things To Know About Roxie, Bengaluru

7) Waaaaiting Time

The place is huge and so is its popularity. In no time Roxie has been able to win hearts of the audience and for the same reason the waiting hours during the weekends are a common thing. So do book your table or reach the space before the traffic arrives and skip the line. (BTW Kill your waiting hours by clicking some mesmerizing pictures

At Roxie, no celebrations are complete without a scintillating cocktail – a whiff of romance, a tinge of desire, every soiree finds its voice through the magical potions that held the establishment’s inspiration.

7 Things To Know About Roxie, Bengaluru

Special thanks to Mr.Ritesh, Mr. Siddharth, Mr. Vivek and to the entire staff of Roxie for all the hospitality and support

Coverage by : Shrishti Jaiswal 

Photography and Videography: Prem  

Collaboration Courtesy: Pitch Perfect Media


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