Restaurants in Bangalore that serve healthy yet tasty food


Eating healthy doesn’t always have to be a boring affair. Especially for the health conscious Bangaloreans! Here are a few dining spaces to explore around the Silicon Valley of India that serve tasty yet healthy food for the health and diet conscious gen next.

1. Forage Fit Food

This earthy restaurant in Indiranagar, Bangalore, serves healthy artisanal food that is sure to delight everyone’s palate. Each dish here is artfully served, appealing to not just your taste buds, but also pleasing to the eyes. Everything served here is not just delicious but comes with the “guilt free indulgence tag”. The feta salad and cheese board are a must try, besides the yummy lentil salads, tasty coconut latte and many more out of the world menu options.

Top 5 restaurants in Bangalore

2. Nuts over Salads

Top 5 restaurants in Bangalore

This unconventional café in Koramangala serves a wide variety of salads and healthy snacks to munch on without leaving you to go on a guilt trip. The brand is devoted to using freshly sourced ingredients that make the food not just tastier but also healthier. Some of the must try items include Broccoli & Almond Soup, Barley with Poached Mushrooms Salad, Spaghetti Agliolio salad with peppers, spinach and chicken etc.

3. Green Theory

This exotic vegetarian restaurant on Convent Road, Bangalore has some of the most mouth-watering vegetarian options for the health-conscious diners of the city. The ambience that resonates an old English House charm is not the only highlight of this quirky eatery. Their distinct flavours and unconventional dishes have managed to charm every health-conscious foodie. The restaurant offers everything from Asian options to Continental to some very innovative options.  The blueberry cheese cake is to die for.

Top 5 restaurants in Bangalore

4. Enerjuvate Studio & Café

Top 5 restaurants in Bangalore

Now here’s a Yoga – Pilates – Dance Studio that offers tasty healthy food after your workout. Enerjuvate in Koramangala is one such innovative café that has both fitness studio and eatery all under one roof. The restaurant offers some of the most delectable food options that defies all the myth about healthy food not being tasty. The colourful ambience with lots of greenery around is the perfect setting to reconsider your new year resolution to eat healthy. Thai Gauva Salad and Avacado Corn & Black Rice Salad are a must try here.

5. Fit Dish Fetish

This innovative food brand is predominantly a healthy food delivery service that offers personalised meal plans and nutritional advise that fits both your budget and fitness goals. The idea that came as an afterthought to the founder when she was bit by the “size zero bug” soon picked up business as the food served was healthy and convenient.  The dishes are made nutrient dense, high protein, high fibre or low carb tailor made to suit a healthy lifestyle, whether it is to lose weight or to add on muscle. They have a wide variety of protein options for the vegetarians to choose from in cottage cheese, legumes, tofu and more.

Top 5 restaurants in Bangalore

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