Tea Culture of the World 

Tea Culture of the WorldTea Culture of the World blends over 80 exquisite herbal and flavoured teas. “Tea culture is defined by the way tea is made and consumed, by the way the people interact with tea, and by the aesthetics surrounding tea drinking.” Tea is not just an everyday habit; it is a lot more. Across the world, different countries indulge in different tea traditions. Tea drinking is an experience; it is also, simultaneously, a medium of social interaction, a way to wind down after a long day, a cup of contemplation, and a getaway from mundane, day-to-day existence. The founder states, “Tea, for me, is a product of inspiration. I don’t just make tea, I curate them. Steeped in memories, anecdotes, places, moments. Infused with personal touch. My teas are a personal invitation. Each one is an experience that will linger…” Dr. Rupali Ambegaonkar, one of India’s few certified tea sommeliers.
Tea Culture of the World


The journey began in 2011, almost a decade ago. The founder also says, “Back then, I found that India is a large tea drinking nation, and we love our tea in the traditional format – that is black tea with milk and sugar. It was fascinating to see different cultures and customs that had evolved around tea across the globe, and how people consume the same beverage in so many different ways during my travel abroad. This inspired me to bring all these cultures together under one roof, and make it available to India. With that objective I started the brand Tea Culture of the World.”

Brand Exclusivity:

The brand carries about 80 different varieties of teas which are sourced from the finest tea-estates across India and around the globe. It sources a lot of herbs, fruits and berries right from their source, which are freeze-dried in Germany and brought to India. They also create different blends using these quality ingredients, and make them available in indulgent loose leaf and convenient teabag formats. Some of these are wellness teas, focused towards health and well-being; and some of them are to enjoy a great lifestyle – for example teas from Japan, China, Taiwan, South Africa, Europe etc. for that matter.

The Pandemic and Brand Initiatives:  

The Tea Culture of the World had an offline presence earlier, but because of the pandemic they  have added the online culture. They set foot and adapted to e-commerce marketplaces, other online and offline marketplace channels in India and abroad to reach out to their clients overpassing through the challenges. Constant new approaches with the logistics partners aided them to improve the delivery time so that the consumers receive their teas as quickly as possible. They have also recently revamped the layout of their website so it is easier for the regulars to find their tea, and added an interactive “Tea Finder” feature which recommends teas to new consumers by asking a few relevant questions. With these initiatives, it has become quite easy and hassle-free for tea lovers to select, receive and enjoy their favorite teas from the portfolio, from the ease and convenience of their homes.

On the product front, they have introduced two new tea blends in teabag segment last year – Happy Immunity and Throat Rescue – and they are happy to find that these have really resonated with their consumers in their hour of need. Both blends can be found in loose leaf and tea bag formats in stores and online.

Tea Culture’s Presence and Collection of Teas:

The brand loves bringing new flavorful teas to the cup, and for that they started with white teas, oolong teas, Fruit tea, Flower Tea and Kahwa Tea. from famous tea regions. Tea culture is associated with estates from all over the country like Darjeeling, Assam etc. to procure their requirement, as their goal is to break the export culture and make this available to the people in India.  They also blend teas in-house for the purpose of health, wellness and indulgence. The underlying philosophy behind their tea selection is that each tea should “stimulate the mind and rejuvenate the body, as well as deliver a heightened sense of gratification”. Tea Culture has presence across online and offline marketplaces and is available for everyone. Presence across 34 stores in India majorly carter’s loose leaf teas, wherein one can find Tea Bags across General and Modern Trade stores in major cities.

Tea Culture of the World cater to Institutions and Corporates for partner gifting or employee gifting requirements, and also regularly supply their teas and blends to Hotels, Restaurants and Cafes. They are present across marketplace platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, PayTm Mall etc., and of course their own Tea Culture of The World website aides them to reach to the tea lovers around the world at their disposal.

Tea Culture of the World

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