Take A Step Forward With Good Indian, An Activewear Brand, On This World Environment Day!

Take A Step Forward With Good Indian, An Activewear Brand, On This World Environment Day!
On this World Environment Day, let’s make conscious choices and aim for a sustainable and active life. A little push of inspiration plays such an important role for someone beginning their fitness journey. Helping you take that first step, even if it is a small one, is Good Indian, a homegrown unisex athleisure and essential wear brand empowering everyone towards an active lifestyle. One does not need hefty exercises to get that fit body, but consciously working towards getting better everyday is enough(One step at a time- the best way to wellbeing on this World Environment Day). Good Indian’s tagline puts an affirmation to ‘Push The Good’ in you, one step at a time.

Good Indian doesn’t classify into just another activewear brand on the block, but the name in itself evokes a sense of pride and community among its consumers. It believes in the power of movement, helping one to push boundaries while facilitating comfort and sustainability, a perfect brand that pushes you to acknowledge the World Environment Day. It encourages leading an active lifestyle while elevating the fitness of the planet while being at it. Talking more about it, co-founder Rushad Wadia says, “Sustainability is not merely a buzzword, we want to make our activewear clothing impactful. Our collection is made with recycled polyester which is lightweight and breathable and we use sustainable cotton to provide that extra comfort necessary during exercise. With focus on the active lifestyles, our performance wear and essential wear complement each other perfectly. We as a brand strongly believe that adapting a lifestyle to do good for your planet is an essential part of being a Good Indian.”

Take A Step Forward With Good Indian, An Activewear Brand, On This World Environment Day!

Amidst zillion sustainable clothing brands, Good Indian’s collection brings forth a perfect amalgamation of active wear and athleisure, focusing on the spectrum of holistic wellness (an approach we should take on this World Environment Day). Their Performance wear is designed for modern-day indigenous  exercises like calisthenics, cross-fit, martial arts, gym, etc.; while their Essential wear is a perfect blend of style and comfort, it aligns with the latest trend and provides with a luxury of light, breathable clothes that is ideal for everyday wear. Joggers, hoodies, plain tees, tank tops, sports bras, gym shorts, and leggings, the collection is for anyone willing to embark on their fitness journey, this World Environment Day. Committed to promoting a healthier lifestyle, the functional activewear range comes in varying colours and comfortable styles to suit modern preferences (What better way to celebrate the World Environment Day).

Today’s consumer is conscious of their health, making wiser choices for the planet and does not compromise on quality. Talking about the target audience and offerings, co-founder Avneesh Gadgil contributes, “The sportswear and essential wear market in India is growing exponentially post-pandemic. With Good Indian we celebrate living an active lifestyle, making it fashion-forward. Driven by consumer preferences for sustainability, and premium quality with value for money, we make luxury affordable to reach a wider audience. As a brand we want to cultivate an ecosystem of pushing the good on everyone. We want everyone to embrace their fitness journey with confidence and style. We are also looking forward to building a community of holistic wellness culture for individuals and the planet at large.”

What’s more to the Good Indian? The brand has initiated an association with Ugaoo to take a step towards sustainability by adding a pouch of Spinach seeds in their every delivery package, so a customer is committed to taking care of the plant, along with taking care of their body (A perfect resolution for the World Environment Day!). If you are looking for a little push to get started on being active – Push The Good with Good Indian, a name that also rings in a sense of community pride on everyone who dons it! Whether you are practicing yoga, going for a run, or just relaxing at home, the versatile styles are designed to help you look and feel your best, and the much-needed step to express your gratitude to nature on this World Environment Day.

Be sustainable, be stylish and most importantly, be a Good Indian. #PushTheGood this World Environment Day!

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