Sustainable method of consuming food in times of Covid-19


The lockdown has been adopted by all countries that have confirmed cases of Covid 19, as a way to combat it. Vegetables and grocery prices have risen sharply in many places. Reports from different parts of the country indicate that the hostility and black market has resumed even as the crisis reaches an all-time high.

Sustainable method of consuming food in times of Covid-19

The rulers themselves are urging the public not to waste food and to avoid unnecessary cooking tests at home. Calls are rising across the country to reduce the wastage of food. But have you ever heard of a restaurant that charges people based on what food they waste?

This bizarre ‘ritual’ is followed by a luxury resort in Coorg. Many people come here to spend their holiday to watch the beautiful sunset over the hills. IBNII Spa Resort, an eco-luxury resort located in Madikeri, charges fines for guests who waste food.

According to the United Nations Development Program, 40 percent of the food produced in India is wasted. This is certainly not so easily dismissed in a country where many people die of starvation without food. IBNII was the first to measure the amount of food wasted by guests and to pay a penalty on their final bill. For every 10 grams wasted, Rs 100 is charged.

They are not keeping this money in their own pockets. The most commendable thing is that this fund goes to a non-profit organization for orphans in an orphanage in Madikeri. Wasted food is measured in front of guests and charged accordingly. The method involves depositing the money in a donation box. Initially they use to keep 14 waste food bins but now only one waste food bin is used.

Sustainable method of consuming food in times of Covid-19

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