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NM1 luxury facts

Luxury facts

Iconic Designer of East meets Iconic Character of West

Sabyasachi Mukherjee is more than just a fashion designer; he’s a weaver of dreams. His creations are not merely clothes; they are stories, heirlooms, and expressions of cultural pride. From his opulent lehengas to his delicate sarees, each garment is a testament to his mastery of craftsmanship and his deep understanding of Indian heritage. 

Sabyasachi has not only revolutionized Indian fashion but has also put it on the global map. He is a true visionary, and his impact on the industry is undeniable. His designs are not just clothes; they are works of art that will continue to inspire and captivate for generations to come.

And this time his vision has grown to another level where he decided to merge the border of East and West fashion by picking up Disney’s most iconic character – Mickey Mouse. He fused the West’s beloved Mickey masterfully with the rich heritage and vibrant aesthetics of India and called it – ‘Namstey Mickey’. This piece was made for the ‘Make-A-Wish’ foundation to fulfill a noble cause and was set for Auctioning, celebrating the 100th anniversary of Disney

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Telegraph India

The artwork stuns with its explosion of colors and textures. Mickey, adorned in an intricately embroidered sherwani and adorned with traditional jewelry, exudes elegance and charm. The backdrop of the majestic Taj Mahal, rendered in earthy tones, adds a touch of grandeur and serenity. The meticulous use of hand-painted details, applique work, and metal embellishments elevate the artwork to a masterpiece. “Namaste Mickey” is not just a beautiful artwork; it’s a testament to Sabyasachi’s creative genius and his ability to tell stories through fashion. It serves as an inspiration to embrace cultural diversity and find beauty in the fusion of different traditions.

NM3 Indulge Express

Indulge Express

A Call to Action: Explore and Appreciate

“Namaste Mickey” serves as a gentle nudge to explore and appreciate the beauty of different cultures. It encourages us to step outside our comfort zones and embrace the richness of the world around us. So, let “Namaste Mickey” inspire you to embark on your cultural journey, filled with wonder, discovery, and appreciation for the beauty that lies in the tapestry of human expression. 

Shop for the look:

Namaste Mickey is a display of what Sabyasachi portrays in his collections as well. Sabyasachi is the person who plays with Zardosi, embellishments that stand out, and statement accessories! So you can watch out for a similar look to buy from his collections that represent the Indianised Mickey. Here are a few looks that you can choose to shop for: 

sabyasachi Insta


Similar to Mickey’s embossed Sherwani try out the embossed Kurta set from his ‘Heritage Collection’. And not just women Men can get their looks inspired by the Namatsey Mickey and be ready for their D-day! Just like this one from Sabyasachi’s Heritage collection. 

sabyasachi insta 3


And who says that you can not try something a little different? Just like the Sabyasachi Autumn/Winter Collection from 2023. Looks familiar?  

Sabyasachi Insta 4


sabyasachi insta 2


Last but never the least, you can shop for the layers and layers of beads and pearls as your neckpiece just like how Mickey wears in the miniature artwork. 

So that should give you all an idea of how Namastey Mickey can be created in real-time with the elements of Sabyasachi’s creations. Keeping the merge of the West and the  East iconic Sabyasachi has truly proved that he is unstoppable in the field of creating designs just like a piece of art. 

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