Order Delicious Food at your Doorstep


These are uncertain times. It’s hard on everybody but for businesses that supports many people the challenge is even more daunting. Till a few weeks back, we didn’t see much hope of surviving the crisis but with the government allowing restaurants to start home delivery, there’s a ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

So after discussions with friends in the medical space and other restaurateurs, the entire building was sanitised with professional help, with PPE sets for all the staff and a new road map for the restaurants, a premium Bengali restaurant called Esplanade and an Asian chain of a restaurant called Pot O Noodles, was chalked out.

Order Delicious Food at your Doorstep

What worked in their favour was the staff being housed in their own premises. Even then, since it is delivering food to people one has to be careful. So they initiated daily temperature checks for all their staff and delivery boys. The kitchen, the waiting area and even the dining area has been completely sanitised (even though there is no dining in option), it is mandatory for every member of the staff to wear disposable gloves and mask at all times, the kitchen counters are sanitised every hour over and above the regular cleaning of the worktops.

The delivery boys are mandated to keep safe distance between themselves while they wait for their order. As for the food, since the majority of the population are expected to be working from home for pretty much the next few months, they launched the Limited Edition for Home menu which is designed as meal boxes that are hassle and mess-free and can be enjoyed either while working or in front of the television or with the family. The dishes are less of the exotic and more of the comfort, nostalgia food. Their staff has taken all the necessary measures while preparing their meals.

Order Delicious Food at your Doorstep

Following are the meal box combos available to order on Swiggy, Zomato or for Dunzo-ing. Alternatively, one can call on +91 96861 92617 and they will deliver for a fee. The boxes are priced between INR150- INR 225.

Green onion fried rice+ chicken dim sum+ Calcutta style chili chicken

Hakka Noodles + cauliflower Manchurian + lumpia roll veg

Hakka Noodles+ Kung pao chicken + lumpia roll chicken

Hakka Noodles+ schezwan chilli chicken+ chicken lumpia rolls

Green onion fried rice+ spinach and corn Momo + Veg balls chilli garlic

Green onion fried rice+ chicken dim sum+ black pepper chicken

Order Delicious Food at your Doorstep

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