Naturals Ice Cream starts afresh, resumes operations with Eight New flavours


As India gears up for its Unlock plans, brands are getting back on their feet, slowly yet surely. Naturals Ice Cream or Naturals, India’s leading ice cream brand, is focusing on safety first as it plans to resume operations with online deliveries of its 8 new seasonal flavours. However, it is taking the non-conventional route to open, going for slow and cautious over the sales overdrive that brands are expected to take after a long period of zero business.

Naturals top priority is to sanitise and clean its factory after this gap of almost 75 days. They spent over a week to sanitise and secure every surface and equipment, while simultaneously training its staff to work safely under the new circumstances. Only once the sanitisation and training is complete, will they begin procuring fresh fruits from its trusted sources. To ensure that there isn’t sudden pressure on their systems and staff that could make it vulnerable, Naturals is going to manufacture and deliver only select eight seasonal and bestselling flavours. Naturals took the call to hold back operations and not open soon in order to ensure the love and loyalty that is bestowed upon by its customers is further strengthened with this decision for safety as the utmost priority. Naturals has always believed in having a long-term goal in mind rather than looking for short term gains.

In line with the summer season and keeping their bestselling variants in mind, they will resume with Mango, Tender Coconut, Chickoo, Roasted Almond, Anjeer, Choco Bite, Malai and Malai Khurma flavours. All of these are deseeded at the factory and then put through the manufacturing process, to make sure there is 100% control on the production. Ice-creams at Naturals, as always, are made with only three ingredients – fresh fruits, milk and sugar. With no preservatives, it retains the most authentic flavour of the original fruits.

The other big focus is to create an upgraded, flawless delivery system that poses challenges of not just safety, but also delivering ice creams without melting them in the sweltering Indian summer. This could mean reinventing existing systems and packaging. Naturals will begin with only contact-less deliveries, from their factory to the store. The brand believes that since their tubs are packed and sealed in the factory, they assure greater hygiene and safety, even when consumers order it using online food delivery platforms like Swiggy & Zomato. The new packaging will come with soap sleeves that allows consumers to sanitise after receiving the products. The ice creams will, for starters, only be available in tubs of 500g. The strictest health standards will be observed at every stage, giving patrons a no-compromise access to their favourite slice of summer. All this, at the same old pre-lockdown prices.

What: 8 New flavours at Natural Ice Cream

Where: Order on Swiggy and Zomato or visit Naturals outlets.

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