Mahe: A Fusion of Traditional Global Kitchen


Mahe: A Fusion of Traditional Global Kitchen

Koramangala’s culinary landscape is about to experience a paradigm shift with the grand opening of ‘Mahe,’ a global vegetarian fine dining restaurant. With a diverse menu, it promises to tantalise taste buds and transport diners on a culinary journey like never before. ‘Mahe’ is set to redefine the vegetarian dining experience with its diverse and authentic international flavours.

Mahe’ believes in the philosophy that fine dining should have no boundaries. Here, vegetarians and food enthusiasts alike can savour the rich flavours of global cuisine. Nestled in a repurposed house, it offers garden views and breezy balconies with an exquisite blend of indoor and outdoor seating. This allows the patrons to choose their perfect ambiance. Being seated in the lap of nature further elevates the dining experience making every meal feel like a warm embrace.

The restaurant space has been cleverly created to cater to every occasion, preference, and mood. Among its many highlights, ‘Mahe’ boasts a delightful picnic area, inviting diners to enjoy a good time with family and friends. For those seeking an intimate dining affair, the restaurant offers private dining spaces, perfect for special occasions, gatherings, and meetings.

Mahe: A Fusion of Traditional Global Kitchen

“We invite you to explore the rich medley of global flavours through a vegetarian lens. Our culinary artisans have meticulously crafted each dish, preserving the essence and authenticity of world cuisines while embracing the versatility of plant-based ingredients,” Mr. KP Deepak, spokesperson for Mahe.

The heart and soul of ‘Mahe’ lies in its commitment to authenticity and taste. Each dish is a masterpiece crafted by skilled chefs who have perfected the art of recreating the world’s most beloved recipes with a vegetarian twist. From the fragrant spices of India to the umami of Japan, from the delicious creations of Italy to the enticing mocktails, ‘Mahe’ brings the authentic taste of the world to your plate.

Mahe: A Fusion of Traditional Global Kitchen‘Mahe’s menu is curated to cater to a wide range of tastes and preferences. The fine dine is set to open its doors on 16th October 2023, welcoming people to indulge in a world of vegetarian delights.

About ‘Mahe’:

‘Mahe’ is a global vegetarian kitchen located in the heart of Koramangala, Bangalore. It offers a diverse menu of authentic international vegetarian dishes, a charming picnic area, private dining spaces, and a commitment to sustainability. ‘Mahe’ invites diners to explore the world’s flavours through its delicious and innovative vegetarian creations.

Time: 11:30 AM to 11:30 PM (All Week)

Address: No 134, 17th Main Rd, KHB Colony, 5th Block,

Koramangala, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560095

Phone Number: +91 8197624888 / +91 8197764888

Instagram: @maheblr

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