It’s All About Some #gharkakhana


If you want to be in sync with the millennial lingo, the Under25dictonary is what will be handy. It has everything from new generation words and phrases. The Under25dictonary’s Instagram page recently published the definition for the famous food delivery app Swiggy.

Yes, Under25dictonary knows the youth is depended on the food delivery apps and everyone misses the tasty #gharkakhana sometimes. But unfortunately, no one except our moms can provide some good #gharkakhana.

Anto Philip, the co-founder of Under25dictionary stated that “As hostellers and a young workforce depend largely on food from outside, Ghar ka Khana (homemade food) is what is missed the most. Apart from being healthy, it is a taste you connect to instantly.”

He also mentioned that the definition is not a sponsored or paid post from Swiggy and to be very frank, if any mom reads the comments below the post, they will tear up. The comment section was filled with memories of #gharkakhana and some even said that ‘This is you looking for dal and rice.’

The post became viral and within no time. People started tagging Swiggy with the hashtag #gharkakhana demanding SwiggyIndia to put the #gharkakhana option. This led to GGKK (global Ghar ka Khana) community by Under25dictionary starting an account as well.

If #gharkakhana is what you’ve asked for, that’s exactly what you’ll not get. You are setting us up for failure by asking to match up to moms and dads — that’s beyond Herculean and we’re going to count ourselves out! However, if replacement meals, which are temporary relief from our ailment of homesickness is what you are on the lookout for, we’ve got just the thing for you.”

They also added, “Just because we thought that we hadn’t spoilt you for choice with just this, we have also launched… Swiggy Daily.”

Swiggy Daily is a subscription option (just launched in selected cities) where diners can subscribe to lunch or dinner plans with a kitchen of their choice and “all (home chefs) have been certified for hygiene and quality.”

Only our moms can cook delicious #gharkakhana, but the second mom is here with some replacement meals.

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