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It’s all about Mangoes

What is the flavor of the summer season? Of course, Summer always tastes like juicy and luscious Mangos. Each slice of Mango will make you go crazy and to be very frank some won’t even try to slice it.

Do you know that Bangalore has a handful of places which serves some amazing fresh Mango dishes from raw to ripe from sweet to savor? You don’t know? Well, we got you covered.

Café Felix’s Mango Menu

How about to try some exclusive time-limited Mango Menu from Café Felix? Yes, they have everything including the Mango inspired Drinks such as Sparkling Wine, Mango Passion Sorbet and the Vodka with Ripe Mango. Choose from the delicious Mango shakes and smoothies, crepes to Good Ol’ Mango Milkshake and Mango Muskmelon. It’s not over yet. They have even Mango inspired Cold Soups, Salads, and Bread. Don’t forget to try their Kairi Curry, Mon’s Mango Chutney, Pan Seared Salmon with Citrus Mango and more.

Cream Stone’s Mr. Alphonso

Want to have some real ice cream which tastes exactly like fresh Mangos? Well, then this place is for you. The creamy and delicious Mango ice cream will be shared with some fresh Mango chunks piled into a waffle bowl. Mr. Alphonso at Cream Stone is known for the tasty and high-quality ice cream blends and the homemade waffle bowls.

Salt Mango Tree’s Chemeen Manga Curry 

How about some spicy Chemeen Mango curry and rice for lunch? Well, this delicious Kerala-style curry is made with shrimp and raw Mango. Yes, the summer can’t be any better with this light and flavorful curry finished off with a dash of coconut milk. Take some rice and enjoy this delicious curry at Salt Mango Tree.

Sanchez’s Mangolicious Summer Menu

Do you want to have some refreshing yet delicious Mango treats from Sanchez Restaurante & Cantina? This amazing place crafter their Mangolicious Summer Menu with bold flavors and ingredients that is exactly how summer demands. The exclusive menu includes healthy and refreshing beverages, starters, mains and dessert all created with the favorite fruit of the season – Mango.

Order the healthy and tasty Mango Ceviche made with the homemade Oaxacan Artisan Queso Fresco, Mango and Smoky Chipotle and enjoy the zesty taste of it. Try the Mango and Pulled Chicken Chimichangas, Mango, Charred Pineapple and Queso Fresco Chimichangas, Mango inspired Taco and Jalapeno Mango Nachos and wash it all down with the Tangy Mango drink.

Monkey Bar’s Nachos Mango

How about some exclusive Nachos Mango as a snack? Well, the delicious Nachos Mangos from Monkey Bar will be the perfect snack for your drinks. The Nachos Mangos topped with some ripe Mango and the special Bhut Jolokia cream is the perfect blend of spicy and tangy taste. Craving for something sweet? How about the Sweet Mango Pie which is basically an almond tart filled with caramelized mango cooked with rum and topped with a vanilla and mango cream?

The Oberoi’s Mad About Mangoes

An entire month dedicated to Mangos, cool right? Well, Oberoi calls it the Mad About Mangoes Month. You can find some amazing Cocktails and Desserts Mango Makeover at the month of May at Oberoi. So, grab your favorites from Mango Cheesecakes to Mango Sundae and also give a try to the Thai favorite sticky rice with fresh Mangoes.

Khandani Rajdhani’s Mango Specials

Are you ready for a super Mango feast? Well, Khandani Rajdhani presents the delicious festival of Mangoes where you can find tangy chutneys to sweet shrikhand. Grab your friends and enjoy their famous Kairi Chana Daal Dhokla or the Kairi Samosa Sabzi for starters and finish it off with some sweet Amarkhand and Mango Jalebis.

So, what you say? Take your best buddy and rush into these places to enjoy the Aamlicious dishes.

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