Some Gorgeous Designer Cakes From Cakes All The Way By Home Baker, Debyanjali?


How About Some Gorgeous Designer Cakes From Cakes All The Way By Home Baker, Debyanjali?

Have you ever visited a cake paradise filled with custom-made cakes to creamy cheesecakes? It’s time to visit Cakes All The Way by Debyanjali, a stunning cake paradise in town, that offers delicious cakes for any occasion, from birthday parties to gorgeous weddings. Debyanjali, the mastermind behind Cakes All The Way started her journey in 2011 and he even got a place in Limca Book Of Records in 2014 for her 6.1 feet-tall-cake titled as the tallest structural cake.

Cakes All The Way is the perfect place to give satisfaction to all your sweet cravings with the amazing desserts ranging from fully customised cupcakes to cheesecakes and mousse to cake pops. The only problem with the desserts is that they are too pretty to be eaten. They also offer custom made cakes for any occasion like baby shower, anniversary or a themed party. You can get any themed customised cakes from here like princess-themed cake or a Game of Thrones-inspired cake. This home backer also offers you her special experimental flavour combinations and style for any occasion.

The details of the cakes they offer is extraordinary. The creative flavour combinations range from dark chocolate with raspberry and strawberry cake with buttercream. Debyanjali also hosts pastry baking and eggless baking classes for you if you are interested in baking. Want to know more about her cakes, follow her Facebook page and look out for the festive specials and new cakes also.

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